Traumatic TurnsMature

So there’s this ball (pun intended; its pretty ballsy to me) and I have to show my face with a guy to everyone (see I told ya it’s ballsy) and this really cute guy, DJ, has asked me to show my face with him. I agreed only because it would make her jealous and I know for sure that even she is coming to the ball with balls to make me realize it’s over. I know she will never be happy with anybody else, I just know it. Jess is coming to the ball with Fred. It’s actually going to be weird with him around; he sort of saw me and Alex in our nightgowns (the skimpiest ones) together and now he will see us with two different men. He will surely think us to be really weird because at one point of time I wanted to marry her and now we were showing our faces with different guys.


So I was getting ready and DJ came over to pick me up. He was downstairs talking to my mom. I was getting down the stairs and I heard my mom and DJ talking. She said “Okay, great you got her to go to the ball with you, now just make sure she forgets about that little bitchy skank. Get it? When you are done with that you receive rest of your cash. Okay?” all he said was a meek okay. So he needs me and I need him, which is just brilliant. I’m getting what I want and so is he.


On the way to the ball, I told him what I knew and made a deal with him. We decided to help each other. After getting the cash from my mom he was supposed to help me get Alex back. We are supposed to act engaged and we are making an announcement at the ball (evil laugh). I’m just dieing to see her face when that happens and my mom’s too. She will surely know something is up (she isn’t as dumb as she looks).


Fred & Jess went ahead of us. We started walking as soon as the claps died out. We reached the stage and I saw Alex and with her I saw my ex Luke. Then I saw them walk backstage as they were next to next. She looked real hot in her pale blue gown and her hair up in a top knot, it made her neck visible and then I saw the necklace I had got for her. She was still wearing it and surprisingly I wasn’t wearing the one she had given me. I was happy, now I’m going to make her linger for my touch.


“Hi everyone” I had started my speech now only the faces were left to watch “I guess probably you all know me, Judith Cooper but I believe you all don’t know him (pointing towards DJ), he is DJ Donovan, my longtime boyfriend and now to-be husband. Yes, it’s true, we are engaged. After him, I know I have been in and out of relationships but then we met again, sometime back. Things got to be the same again. Now we are getting married, maybe within a year’s time or something similar.” My mom’s face was worth seeing. She was giving one of her signature Caitlin Cooper looks, worth seeing. As for Alex, when we walked backstage, was full on making out with Luke. Trying to get me jealous (in which she succeeded in too); she started going on stage when the backstage help gave her the cue.


I always used to wear that necklace; I love it. Today, it was different, I wanted to show her that I didn’t give a damn about Luke and her making out (which I did give a damn about actually). She seemed in a really weird mood when DJ and I walked down stage.


When everybody stopped congratulating DJ and me, he asked me with a sure look on his face “That’s her, right? I just know it. She really does like you and well… so do you” I asked how did he know and why was he asking, he said “the way you both looked at each other, it was much more than met the eye and cause people can’t pinpoint that, you make full use of people not guessing you guys are oops sorry were dating. Two really beautiful girls, I guess nobody would suspect you guys being lesbians.” Hey I liked his answer. It was not expected.


When DJ dropped me home, I kissed him on the lips. He was quite surprised. I knew my mom was looking; the look, oh the look, the thrill, oh the thrill.


As soon as I entered, she pounced on me. She asked what was wrong with me. I replied calmly “the same thing that was wrong with you when you paid him to take me to the ball.”

“But Judith, you said you were engaged to him. When your revenge taking is done you will obviously break up with him and then what? Everybody will say that you both broke up, how shameful”

“I give a fucking shit about what people think of me, unlike you. You can’t always get what you want, mom. And I will never be what you want me to be.”

“Did you see Alex, Judith? She looked so happy with Luke; you can not get her back. I’m your mom and I know what is best for you.”

“No, you don’t, you son of a bitch” I screamed. 

The End

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