Post PartyMature

Gosh! My head is killing me. Everybody left drunk; that’s a sign of a good party. I think I had a plenty many beers and shots. Actually come to think of it I’m sure I had many beers and shots. Tequila is THE drink ever. Alex is probably preparing breakfast right now. 


She isn’t! She is having coffee and cigarettes. That’s not a good sign. That usually means she is in a bad mood but whatever could be the reason. The party was successful, really successful and everybody accepts ‘us’ the way we are.


I go and brush my teeth and realize that she hasn’t as yet. Well I’m cool with that; I like her morning breath. I run and give her a hug and she just pushes me off. Like whoa hoe! She is pissed with me. God damnit! What have I done now? I don’t want to lose her again. She told me that I got drunk when my mom came and I told her that I wanted to marry Alex. My mom then slapped me and right after that I passed out (I was too drunk to handle anything). I told Alex “Marriage hasn’t even crossed my mind” Which was a lie. I wanted to get a ring. I was going to look for a ring in a few days time.


She says in a very regretful voice “I think we need a break. We’ll just live as friends for a while.” I think I almost fainted. Almost in tears I ask her “can I have a last kiss?” She agrees and that’s the point when I burst out crying. I sob my self to the psychiatrist’s office. He in his deep voice asks me why I was crying. I had no option but to tell him.


He tells me that when he was having a live-in relationship a similar thing happened to him. I asked him what happened after that. He replies “I haven’t seen or heard from her in years. Maybe you shouldn’t too.” I screamed out “no! She just wants to take a break. Okay! We will get back together you see. And we will live happily ever after. Okay!” He freaks out and says okay. We sit in complete silence till the receptionist/nurse/assistant comes and says “you have many appointments today. Finish quick with her.”   


I go back home and I tell her that I've decided that I’m going to stay with my mom for sometime. She doesn’t even reply properly. She is only talking to me in monosyllables (while I’m packing that is. I have to ask her where my things are, right?). She hasn’t seemed so ignorant ever. What has gotten into her?


She’s hardly helping me to pack; I’m partially done with it. I think ill just finish in the morning.


She always gets up before me in the morning and sleeps after me. She likes to see that I go to sleep on time and go to school and I have breakfast and I go. I will really miss her. She knows how to look after me. Man! I really want her to hug me right now. Maybe she will but I guess most probably she won’t. She is stubborn and by that I mean really, really stubborn. She won’t give in ever but right now I hope she does. I just need her to hold me and that’s the point when I have everything. 

The End

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