The Chronicles of an Intellectually Insane TeenagerMature

This is about Judith Cooper who has been sent to the shrink for no apparent reason.


Chapter 1- Pre Party


I looked round to see whether I could find anybody and by anybody I mean somebody who was capable to reply back to me or at the most look at me. This is real hard for someone like me who is all talkative and happy-happy all the time. Well most of the time, at least. This place is dull and inactive. No interaction between anyone, well accept the receptionist/nurse/assistant and some of the patients. This place makes a person feel sad and by sad I mean R-E-A-L sad. No sign of music; anywhere. I need music. I practically eat, sleep, breathe, screw, dine, read, watch, and feed music. Any genre will do and by that I mean anything that is similar/related/under rock and hip-hop and if you haven’t realized both are vast, very vast.


‘So, Judith, how do you feel about this?’ asked Dr. Mika M.A James. I snapped ‘about what?’ He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Actually come to think of it I should be doing that and not him but then I guess he realized what he had gotten himself into. I intimidate people; well most of them anyway. They get nervous round my presence. He asked again, this time looking hopeful for an answer ‘about coming to a physiatrist’s clinic for the first time?’ Whoa! Now that got me. What does he mean? How does he expect me to feel? Excited? Well ill tell how excited I am. That bloody son of a bitch.


I give him one of my signature looks (that is with my pierced eyebrow up) and reply coolly “I am so excited, so excited that ask me silly questions and I’ll kick you in the balls”. Well what did he expect me to open unto him and tell him all about my life so he can go tell my mom? He’s blonde by the way.


He asked me (finally) ‘what do you like to do”? That’s simple. Play the guitar, sing, write songs and poetry, watch The O.C, hang out with my best friend and just hang out with my girlfriend. That is sort of the reason why my mom got me here. Just because I love a person and hate my mom (who is very pissing off not ‘at’ times but ‘all’ the time) and move out and live in my girlfriend’s apartment doesn’t mean you have to get me here. Just so you know I don’t care what sex is my partner if he/she is nice and interesting, he/she is worthy to be my lover. Basically everyone says that I don’t go on looks but if you are going on the anatomy that surely means you are going on the looks. The person is important not the sex.


He said all right and why do you think your mother has sent you to me? I answer “because she doesn’t want to face the society with a lesbian daughter; She only cares ‘bout her image and nothing else.” And yeah did I mention money.


There is complete silence for 10 whole minutes. I finally ask “do you need my services anymore? Can I leave? Alex would be here any moment now to pick me up. We both have to go and shop for our 1 year anniversary. We are throwing a party for our near and dear ones. And that does not include my mom”.


As if on cue, Alex enters, kisses me and we leave. This Dr. Mika M.A James is so lame; he didn’t even react to it as most men do. I’m so sure he is gay. I’ll find him suitable partner one day, Or maybe not.


My best friend Jess calls me up and asks me to fill up some forms for school as she was going she thought that I would go with her cause it will be so much more fun and we will get a chance to ‘talk about people in general’ (its just gossip). I asked Alex to drop me off at Jess’s. She smiles and says “what’s the magic action?” We kissed for about 5 minutes and then we drove off.


Some forms for the social chairs. I’m the head and Jess is the vice head. We have ‘been’ since like forever now.


On the way home (Our apartment) its starts raining heavily, real heavily. I’m soaked head to toe. As soon as I knock on the door I find a beer in my hand and a pair of amazingly hot lips planted firmly on mine. She whispers sexily “chuck the beer, first lets get you out of these wet clothes”. She is amazing and by amazing I mean that she is one person I can relate to about everything and by everything I do mean everything. I’m just waiting to turn 18 and make this happen for real. I’m 17; I just got to wait for about half a year more.


I fall asleep after bout 4 beers. It feels good to sleep on beers. Alex gets up and starts doing some work round the home. Fred comes over and asks Alex for an advance of 500 bucks. She gives it to him and I walk out saying “are we going to get more beers or are we going back to bed?” in one of my skimpiest short gown. His mouth is hanging till the floor. We both say Oh My God together. Just so you know Fred is Alex’s ex. He leaves speechless. He sort of didn’t know that we were dating. He thought that we were best friends living together. At this party we planned to tell everyone. I want to tell the whole world that I’m in love with Alex.


Alex and I now rush to the mall which shuts in 45 minutes. We hardly get any time to shop for a dress for tomorrow.


Finally, I get this really nice black one with a bow at the back; really comfortable to wear too. She gets herself these amazing pair of slim fit jeans which make her long legs look even skinnier than usual, a really cute yellow top and a skinny tie. She looks extremely hot. I couldn’t help but make out with her in the changing room. 

The End

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