The Chronicles of Airegoth and the beast that mournsMature

Enter a created world call Airegoth a world not with elves, dwarves and orcs. But a land with races like Delves, Jersidus and more; who have lived in this land for along time. This is the dark fantasy series of a land that has been shadowed by tribulation and are stuck in the medieval era. This new dark dungeon and dragons fantasy story of good and evil will keep you reading.

The Chronicles of Airegoth

And the beast that mourns












                 By Jacob Connors


                          When Airegoth was born, there was no land not even a drop of ocean, there was only darkness. Just how Airegoth was born in darkness, so was I.  Airegoth a land created for good and justice bringing peace and destroying evil, but even I know of the dark corruption that lurks within.  The land was pure for the races as they were living in harmony, they had conflicts and crisis, but were easily rid of.  My father Eldor was a great knight of his king and as human he was looked at very highly, he was strong, brave and yet so easily consumed.  The king sent Eldor to the dark forest in search of the dark cave hidden through the water fall where he must kill the witch that oppresses these woods, and so my father did as he was told.  He followed orders and traveled far with his most trusted knights, upon arrival to the dark woods they found the water fall that was streaming down from the ridged rocks. They walked in and through the refreshing falls and swam deep in the dark water, in search of a tunnel to the cave. Swimming far into the tunnel shortness of breath was imminent, most died from drowning.  My father was not a weak man; he did not take failure as an option. After reaching the dark shores of the cave, he rose out of the water taking deep breathes of the fresh cave air that ran cold down his lungs, he looked around the darkness noticing the eirry light that cast throughout not knowing how that is possible. There were no great openings from the outside to make light come in. But the cave was lit up with a blue light with shadows around that can get you off guard, for every shadow move. A strange noise broke the silence, Eldor firmly grasped his sword and unsheathed it looking around in paranoia. He heard a soft woman’s voice calling out his name-


“show yourself witch!”  He said.

There was a sudden quake to the ground, cracks begin to carve through the wall of the cave, he

positioned himself for battle. However, something wasn’t right, a blue anomaly suddenly formed in

front of him. Eldor didn’t remember coming in to find this mist, he watched the anomaly change

into human-like form,  he firmly gripped his sword to the point his knuckles were turning white.  

Trying to figure out what was coming, the form becomes female. 

Out walked this beautiful delve, Eldor’s eyes widened for her beauty was breath taking, her

face was small, pure and untainted, her raven black hair stretched down swiftly towards her thighs.

She wore nothing more but a clear cloak, draped around her body.  Her eyes were vibrant blue like

the ocean her skin looked soft and even twinkled from the energy that was satisfying to Eldor.

When he saw her, his heart stopped and his eyes gazed upon her body, gently swaying side to side  

as she walked toward him.  She slithered around his body like a snake,        

                          “who are you?”

Standing in front of him she said “do you not know, who rules these woods?”

                          “It is King Argus that owns these woods,  he owns this realm”

                          “Ah yes, and he does but what power does he have over the ruler of these

woods? what does he possess in his kingdom, in his life that makes him rule this land?”

                          “You still haven’t told me, who you are.”

She started to walk down and around the rocks, swaying her hand gently around and

                          “There are many kings and queens that have ruled these lands and have ruled these

woods, but they have all forgotten that only I rule these woods, for I am Asandra”

                          “you’re the witch that they speak about, the witch that can turn people to stone just

by looking at them, the witch that can only say a word and it will be done” Eldor then points his

sword at her as he gets on his guard, as they both circle around each other as he said in anger


*Delves: They are a very intelligent and determined race, they have long ears and have the skin color of a light or dark blue and green, they have small gills on their necks and their nostrils are on the top flat area on the nose and forehead by their eyes.  They are very easily minded to knowledge of craftsmanship, scringe, combat and mind intelligence.  They are a middle class and high class no low class and are a very populated race in Airegoth. They are very well known for having great warriors and priests that have written the main scrolls that helped create the scringe temples and the main facts about scringe.

                          “I should have known it was you”

                          “What…oh come now hunny no need to be aggressive… but I do like a man that

can be aggressive. I’m sure there is some way we can work this out”

                                  “what do you want from me?”

                          “Its not just what I want from you, but what you also want as well”

She slowly walked down to where he stood she pressed her body up against his, he could feel her

soft breasts rubbing against his chest that gave himshivers. 

                          She said “quietly, I think I can help us both”

                          “what are you bargaining here?”

                          “not a bargain Eldor, a chance to redeem yourself, give me a son and make me your wife…

and I will give you the throne to all of Airegoth. Together we will rule everything, I will give you my

power, make love to me, and I will give you, your kingdom…  I promise”

He laid his strong hand on her tight hip pulling her closer. She grasped his body wrapping around

him. Eldor, passionately kissed her soft lips, as she stripped his armor off slowly.  He

laid her down and they made love;. As he made love to her he could feel the intensifying influence

of power being fused in his blood…  the deal was made, his choice to her made him king.  The

more passionate they became the more he was feeling this power that overwhelmed him. He exited

that dark cave as a new man. A new man with a brand like mark on his chest where his heart sits,

this reminded him of the promise he made. 

*Lupejaskada’s : they come from a family tree that meets together in two different blood race of Delves and Jersidus but their blood DNA’s mutate naturally which makes their minds process better and faster which communicate with their body to get strong quicker and smarter.  They’re skins are dark, vibrant and fade skin color, they’re bodies are like sea creatures with rocked scale bodies and their face uniquely created.  They carry a lot of power reputation even in the past and have a lot wealth and pride over each other.  They are very power in learning and understanding quickly about using dark powers or light powers like scringe, they have a mass population that study and believe in the religious of scringe.  They have many lords and dukes that own writ lists which means own a part amount of soldiers and when they come back alive and win battles they earn money but so do the soldiers. 


He felt stronger and more intelligent, he started to run and was running faster than he ever could, with the ability to

maneuver around rocks and trees, with ease. 

He rode back in haste to the colony where King Argus resided. When he arrived, the knights

were stunned by his appearance, for they heard no one survived the trek.

“My lord, we heard everyone had drowned in the darkness under the cave.”

                                  “Nonsense, I stand here before you in the flesh.”

                                  “What happened down there my lord?”

that dark cave as a new man. A new man with a brand like mark on his chest where his heart sits,

this reminded him of the promise he made.  He felt stronger and more intelligent, he started to run

and was running faster than he ever could, with the ability to maneuver around rocks and trees, with

ease.  He rode back in haste to the colony where King Argus resided. When he arrived, the knights

were stunned by his appearance, for they heard no one survived the trek.

                          “My lord, we heard everyone had drowned in the darkness under the cave.”

                          “Nonsense, I stand here before you in the flesh.”

                          “What happened down there my lord?”

                          “We found the caves and swam deep in the dark waters, by the time I came back

up.  No one was coming; I met the witch, queen of all the forest.  Her beauty tried to soften me but

I did not let her snatch me, for I slayed her…see hears is my trophy.”  The knights saw Eldor pull

out of his large pouch that was strapped on his horse saddle.  In his hand was the heart

He then spoke to them of the king pointing out his weaknesses and flaws. Eldor explained how he

could be a far better ruler of the land, and give the people what they need. The knights of the colony

rejoiced with Eldor, making plans to slay the king.

convinced them of how weak the king is and that he can be there new king and even

be a better one then any king, they rejoiced and accepted to join with him, I remember hearing the

stories of how my father stormed the field around the marsh and quickly breached the walls with tall

ladders.  When Eldor and his men first arrived they were haunted by what they saw, for king

Agru killed the rest of his people.  Their bodies were on stakes and the children and woman were

mostly hanged, Eldor and his men fought through many knights to get to Agru’s castle,  his

soldiers were amazed of how what they saw Eldor doing. He extended his hand out and an intense

gust of wind would blow out of his hands as the while was intense and strong to where it ripped the

enemies bodies apart and he was covered in blood from each the wind spraying the blood in his face

and armor. They managed to get to the castle and from there not even I know how my father slayed

the Great King Agru,  after slaying him he had his head in the grip of his hands and raised it up high

for his knights to see that he is king.  You don’t have power if you don’t have a castle, you can’t

have a castle if you don’t have an army to protect it, for Eldor he was given an army and he used it

to bring down his king and take his throne.  Throughout the kings he then would make upgrades to

his great castle and colony turning the city to a colony with great and unique structures and statues. 

His colony was becoming more then an agricultural society, he turned his colony to a society that

believes in their kings, that believe in their politicians; growing more and more intelligent but slowly

their hearts and morality drift apart from each other.

                                                            Six years later

                     King Eldor, and a few of his knights ride from his city of New Zions’, As

 they rode along the stone roads that stretched around from the city and down to the villages leading

in the great woods.  King Eldor’ and his men rode through the village, towns people stared in awe as

the king silently strode through, citizens lined the street, throwing flowers on the ground in front of

him. They gathered in joyful choir and called out to him “Praise our king!” King Eldor, rode out of

the village, toward the dark forest. Upon reaching the forest they traveled a trail up the rock hills

surrounded by trees that were so bushy with pine needles that it was hard for the sun to shine light

through.  Most forests in Airegoth are either under a mystical power (witchcraft) or actual spirits

that oppress the woods, but most are just dark for how many have died as the woods have seen

much terrible deaths. They ride up and around until they got to an area that was flat, He had

everyone stop as he knew this was the perfect spot and had the knights get off of their horses and

mark the area of where they will be building, there were three royal Vamprisks for they have ridden

far to give Eldor the plans that they drew up and King Eldor was very pleased to see that his plan

was coming true.  They were going to cut many trees down and flatten the ground into dirt once

they do, construction takes place on building these wind mill structures that will consume Nightmare Souls.  How this wind mill works is that there are multiple mirrors that point diagonally towards the sky, underneath the mill about fifty feet down are many built tunnels to store these crystals. The way the windmills’ work, is when sun rays hit the blades at a specific pattern. The blades absorb energy in the rays, and the energy absorbed becomes the primary heat source for the core. Inside the core Nightmare Souls are individually created through the mysterious powers held deep within Airegoth. The heat core, drops directly down to a chamber on the basement level of the facility, inside of the chamber, two separate beams strike the crystal. One consists of the sun rays and the other, somehow cools the crystal at the same time. The large white crystal sends out massive quakes, tearing through the atmosphere into the black abyss above, the vibrations produce gravity almost like a tractor beam of sorts, and withdraws stars’ nightmares from their soul. The nightmares fall toward the ground in glowing orbs of white, with a tail streaming behind lighting the area around.  *It’s almost a thing of beauty, if they weren’t depleting stars*  When this happens the crystal compresses the rays into the Nightmare Soul causing it to transform into a bonded crystal like structure, the crystals are jet black with piercing red veins running throughout thier core. After the crystal completes transformation, it’s placed in the wall of a man made mine deep below the structure to cool . I’ve looked into a nightmare soul many times, it’s an oddly shaped 4 foot crystal of a pale egg white color. Stars hardly ever have pleasant dreams, most of them consist of nightmares a simple person could never imagine. Things so dark it would make any normal God look away, staring deep within those souls. Good thing I’m no normal God.


King Eldor, instructed his knights to place stacks of building materials out along side of the wind mill, eventually he will establish this plot as a factory to create the finest and strongest armor out of the crystals. However it takes multiple souls to make a single chest plate. The rest of the souls are made into Airegoth’s main source of income and wealth, being finely crafted into coins.

King Eldor and his advisor Theris, sat high atop their steeds watching the progress of the factory. Theris was one of King Eldors most trusted knights, for his great acts of duty for the king and his protection towards him. Theris single handedly fought off three hundred knights to protect his King, making him a legend throughout the colony. Theris sat on top of his black steed, covered in blood red armor draped in a leather cloak. Theris turned to Eldor,

“So how are you going to build this dream of yours?

 “A king is blessed with many things wealthy, royalty, power his queen and his people” said Eldor

Theris gave him a concerned look on his face and said “you’re talking about using

your people in hard labor work!”

One of King Eldors advisors who is a knight and leader of most of the army and is well known in the colony for his great duty acts for the king and his protection as he has fought off and killed three hundred knights to protect the king, his name is Theris.  Theris was one his great black steed where his blood red chrome full leather steel armor he was sitting on his horse next to king Eldor as they were watching the knights process everything.

                          Theris said “So how are you going to build this dream of yours?”

      “A king is blessed with many things wealthy, royalty, power his queen and his people” said Eldor

                          Theris gave him a concerned look on his face and said “you’re talking about using

your people in hard labor work”


*Jersidus: They are a different looking race where they come from an animal breed of rat and lion, they stand high and strong with their long mouths like a race and sharp long teeth like a lion with long ears and long thick hair like a lion going down their backs.  They serve under the house and lordships of their masters; they serve for their brothers and family not individuals. They are known for smelling far and listening clearly in a far distance as well, they are known for having the craftsmanship to create nightmare souls which can resource their race to becoming more efficiently powerful than any king. Jersidus are a humble, trustful, obscured, selfish race who are best with craftsmanship and weapons combat; for 250 years they have served Airegoth with their wealth to be built into a great empire.

                                  “I am king of Airegoth and if my people want to serve me and make Airegoth a

prospering place to live then we will need help by the people”

                          “yes but you’re talking about forcing your people to do the work that’s slavery!”

                          “no Theris that’s serving, if they love their king then they will serve their king,

knights assemble back to the city in three days we will be having a list of families that will be

working on this project”


Three days later King Eldor’s kingdom was coming to life. He found young men and children to

begin constructing his factory and empire. Hundreds of workers pushed through the day time

working hard to erect the perfect empire for their king, only stopping for water breaks and lunch.

The hours were grueling and cruel on the workers; the king would ride out to the build site on

occasion and check up on his villagers smiling to them and waving, he was mostly there to check on

the progress of construction.

 After a few weeks the process, was beginning to fall behind, and King Eldor noticed that

construction was moving slow. A few weeks, became a few months, and Eldor was becoming

frustrated and impatient  with the progression of his work. He knew that the colony was losing

money and was desperate for more stones, but construction on the factory and mill was still far

behind. The mine hadn’t even been hollowed yet and the heat core was partially dug out. Theris was

ordered to assemble the knights, and prepare to ride out to the project site. When they arrived Eldor

was furious by what he saw. Most of the workers were sitting around or doing nothing at all.

“How long! How long must we wait to see your laziness produce prosperity? I am in anger and

disappointed that you all could not finish this on time. I have been reasonable and patient with you,

but now you have pushed me too far. From now on there will be NO MORE down time, you will

all work until sun set. Meal time will be cut back, and you are only allowed two meals a day, for I am

King Eldor and I expect you to do this quickly and efficiently. You will do this or die, the choice is



 But after a couple weeks the process should have been alittle faster after weeks it became two

months and still it wasn’t done.  Eldor became frustrated as he was becoming impatient and he

knows his city is losing money and is desperate to have those stones to be ready but they haven’t

even dig, he told Theris to assemble some of the nights for they ride to the project and so they did. 

The knights armored up and they all rode there horses out and to the project as they got there, the

king saw how most of the workers were sitting around or just not doing much the king became

angry and yelled out loud-

                          “How long! How long before we wait on your lackness to bring us

prosperity, I am in anger and disappointed that you all could not finish this on time.  I have been

reasonable and patient with you but now you have gone too far, for now on there will no more

rest time you will all work till the sun comes down.  You will only get two meals a day for I am king

Eldor and I command you to strong and fast and diligent do this or die.  You will prequel this task.”

The workers became angry and were becoming aggressive the knights on their horses lined up in

The workers lined near the king in rage, placing him between them and his horsemen. A young

man, wearing a tattered and dirty white cloth meticulously draped around him, stepped from the line


*The Black Stone:  It is stone that is built into the rock, it is dug into tunnels and the rocks are continuously hammered and drown in fire, and then is carved and blackened by those who the scringe of craftsmanship.  These stones can be used to create amounts of wealth, medicine and combat weapons. This also is formed into nightmare souls for these create spirits and sends them to who knows where.


and picked up small stone, he stared intensely at the king. He drew his arm back with the stone and

threw it toward Eldor.

“We don’t have to listen to you, we out number you in every way!”

Eldor slipped behind his horsemen as the rest of the workers began throwing stones and cursing at the king.

“Theris, take care of this and get them back to work!”

Eldor jumped onto his steed and turned from the knights riding back into the country.

“You heard the king! Prepare to fire!”

In perfect sequence each knight drew his crossbow and loaded a single arrow.

Theris ordered for them to fire, it was complete genocide; the workers didn’t stand a chance against

Theris and the knights.  The first arrow ripped through the young man’s head, pinning him to the

structure behind him. A wave of steel tipped rain came rushing toward the workers. Everyone

scrambled frantically, trying to dodge the arrows. Alas, it was no point, it took only 10 minutes to kill

50 workers. Bodies lay all over the work site, the ground ran red with a river of blood pooling near

Theris’ feet. After 3 harsh years of grueling labor and intensive work King Eldors kingdom is

nearing completion. The Nightmare souls’ tunnels were finally finished along with the factory, the

colony was over flowing with wealth, distinguished with the look of a great empire. New Zion’s was

finally complete. Not long after the completion of his kingdom, King Eldor fathered two beautiful

sons he named Leogis and Sildious .







                                                                Ten years later


                          It was a beautiful day as, little Sildious and big brother Leogis were running down

the garlic plains. Both brothers ran happy and freely with a large smile upon their faces, as they ran

farther from the castle on the hill side they stopped to take a breather.

                          Leogis said “are you sure this was a good idea?”

                          Sildious looked at him and said “of course it was, do you really want to spend one

more day listening to that bastard teach us all that nonsense”

                          Leogis let out a great sigh and hung his head “I don’t know.”

                          Sildious said “stop always being so worried all the time, look I’m not afraid so why

should you be.  Come on brother trust me.”

Leogis looks back with a concerned look on his face, but he turned around and replies “okay”

                          Sildious smiled and said “alright follow me I want to show you something”


Both brothers ran out of the garlic plains toward Leach Forest, as they approached roots stretched

across the trail, large spider webs glisten in a subtle mist slowly emerging from the tree line, with the

overwhelming smell of pine.

They stopped, in front of the forest looking onward. Leogis looked over at Sildious grabbing a sling

shot from his pocket. Sildious winked at his little brother and said “Come on follow me.”

They began tromping through the forest, over a large pile of rocks hidden behind the trees; several

downed rotting trees lay scattered, all over the forest floor.  Both of them stopped and laid down,

they saw a young fawn caught in a bear trap. Moments later, Leogis saw his brother walking over to

the trap. He rushed to Sildious and exclaimed “what are you doing?”

Sildious turns to his brother with an awkward smirk on his face, “Don’t you ever wonder what it’s

like to hold life in the palm of your hands, to be in control of everything? We have to make

decisions in life, even if that means taking one.”

                          Leogis said “do you really want that kind of responsibility, do you really think

controlling a life or taking one makes you powerful.

                          “no brother, what I’m saying is that power isn’t taking a life or controlling it.  Its

knowing when it’s the right time to take a life or give one”

                          Leogis yelled “no!”

Sildious placed a sharpened rock into the sling shot and drew the band. The rock flew with

incredible force killing the fawn on impact. Leogis fell to his knees,

“what have you done?” He said in shock.

Sildious picked up his rock, and walks pass Leogis, “don’t be such a baby, it’s just an animal.”

In the distance servants from the castle were calling out for the boys. Sildious rushed back to the

castle with Leogis tailing behind. They ran through beautiful grassy fields and meadows surrounded

by the enchanting views of the mountains, forests and twinkling mid-day stars, circling New Zion’s.

They both get inside as everyone was getting ready for tonight’s grand ball, for this is the night they

meet the young beautiful princess, and discover who is destined to take her hand in marriage. They

boys are told their father would like to see them. They ran quickly to his office in the upper chamber

of the castle. Their father sat before them, reading in a dimly lit office. Red stone lined the inside of

the rocks carefully placed in the wall, and books shelves stretched from the ground to the floor in

some parts. King Eldor sat in a darkly colored leather chair, with large gold rivets glistening from the

candle light. Both boys stood in front of his desk.

                          Sildious said “hello father”

                           “boys, it’s good to see you both what took you so long? Was Leogis

slowing down back there?” he chuckled and smiled as he continued “how would you both like to

come with me in one of my journey’s”

                          They both smiled and Leogis said “where are we going?”

                          “we are heading 30 miles west from here, a large town lay in the valley behind the mountains, and there are rumors that  we can’t make contact with them, due to the possibility of a plague…. And we are going there to end this plague

Leogis looked at his father with respect and admired him as he wasn’t thinking of himself selfishly

but having a goal to help these people and save them from their sickness. He then said “when do we leave?”

                          “we leave tomorrow when the sun first rises, so get some rest and pack up, I want

you to be ready by tomorrow.  And also be ready for the ball tonight this is a very important night

for the both of you.”

                          “yes father we will” said Sildious as they both walked out of his office and closed

the door from behind them.


 Later that night after packing and getting ready for the forthcoming journey with King Eldor, the

boys dressed for the ball, wearing hand woven shirts made from the finest silk, with beautifully

crafted trousers, and long soft robes draping delicately over their shoulders. Their crowns of finely

crafted steel and gold shimmered as they walked orderly down the hall with servants following

swiftly behind. Upon entering the common room they made their way to a large wooden table

overlooking all of the common room. The room quickly ceased all activates, chatter silenced and

scratching of utensils dwindled down. A server standing near the tables lined with gourmet food,

yelled aloud for all to hear “Prince Leogis and Prince Sildious

have arrived.”

The crowd smiled and clapped as the boys took their seats, before returning to what they were


*Iskadars: these cave village blind eyed creatures who live in the dark with the height of 6.6 feet tall, they are toned muscle strong long eared creatures; they’re skin is dark white.  They have the skills on sneak attacks, camouflage, short blade and mastering in hand to hand combat.  They can grow into the age of two hundred years old in a cave. They were a normal race but they were the first to show cannibalism over a group of children for they were lost in the woods and stranded.  Father Airegoth cursed them for their evilness into tall, strong, pig and bat looking creatures and wore torn clothes to hide their shame.  And so they descended in the mountains and have slowly grown the population in of the mountains to the hundred thousand and making buildings inside the rock of the mountains.

went back to what they were doing. The princess sat down next to King Eldor a few of his close

advisors and politicians on the other side of him.  Sildious was having a conversation with his father,

about the journey they will be taking in the morning. Leogis attempted to speak out during the

conversation, but both of them ignored him. Leogis felt a sharp pain in his chest, like a hot knife

piercing his heart. He then thought of himself as a stranger to his father, and how his life would be

better with just Sildious. They were talking about the journey they are going too and what kind of

fun will they have, Then Leogis tried to get into the conversation but they both ignored him.  He felt

a hot knife roasting his heart as he thought of himself as a stranger to his father and would better if

he was without him and only have Sildious.  Leogis got out of his seat and, walked down on

 beautiful stone floors swirling with black and tan slate, gently pushing people and maneuvering 

around others. He made his way to a table near the back of the common room, he saw several glass

pitchers filled with wine, and crystal glasses neatly placed in stacks. He never tried wine before and

thought to himself “why not”. Each time Leogis reached for a glass of wine, guests would nudge

him out of the way or take his glass from him. Leogis felt invisible to everyone, he knew he was

cursed. He hung his head thinking about being the kings’ son, and still seen as a nothing in the eyes

of everyone around him. He knew that his younger brother was always the favorite

The End

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