Bad Xmas, Happy Hannukah

Izzy danced around the living room making extra careful her santa hat did not leave her head. Still in tune to the radio, she placed baubles on the tree and covered in in tinsel. It was such a remarkeable tree.

Around the mirror she stuck christmas cards and on the mantle she hung stockings. Even the walls were painted red and green with christmas trees painted on. It was a beautiful home

Izzy heard a car door slam outside and rushed to the window. It was Hans. He was coming home. She knew it would only take a moment for the German exchange student to climb the stairs to get into the apartment so quickly added the finishing touches.

In a flurry of flashing lights the christmas tree erupted into life just as Hans walked in. His jaw dropped as Izzy rushed over to hug him. The two admired the hard work but felt different emotions for it

"I know its your first christmas away from home so I wanted to make it special. Merry Christmas Hans!" Izzy gave him his present and waited for him to put it under the tree. He did not move an inch and Izzy began to frown

"Just put in under the tree...what's the matter?"

"I don't celebrate christmas" Hans replied "I'm Jewish!"

The End

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