Santa's Alphabetical List

It was Christmas eve, and all of the people lay fast asleep in their beds, after all, who wants to run the risk of Santa not leaving their present under the tree? No-one thats who. Especially not Zackary. Zackary had been waiting all year for Christmas to come around, making sure that he was good all year by helping his mother with the dishes and looking after his little sister Anabelle as nicely as a big brother can.

However suffice to say this wasn't for the good of his health, Zackary had a very specific Christmas wish this year, one that only Santa himself could make true. It was small and fluffy, with soft brown fur, bright button eyes and a wiggly tail. All year Zackarys' parents had been trying to gently persuade him that Santa wouldn't be able to bring a puppy, that he couldn't make them in his workshop, that they were out of stock (his father even went so far as to say that Puppies were too expensive, not something to say to a seven year old as his mother pointed out loudly whilst the children were asleep.) But Zackary would not listen. He knew that Santa would find a way! 

And so Christmas day came around, and Zackary was up and out of bed like a gunshot, springing down the stairs without even waking his little sister. (Well, he could make it up to Santa over the next year!) Searching down stairs under the tree, discarding all of the presents in his wake, even the bright red fire-truck his Father had brought especially for him and the warm mittens his old Granny had knitted.  Yet, even when he had searched and doubled searched, there was no sound nor movement indicating the gift he was looking for. He reasoned that it couldn't possibly be under the tree, so he ran into the kitchen and searched by the hearth, but he still couldn't find a puppy. He then ran out into the garden without even putting on his socks; But he still couldn't find a puppy.

Zackary couldn't understand why his Christmas wish hadn't been fulfilled! He had been good all year, bringing groceries home for his Granny, fetching his Father's newspapers every morning. Why had Santa overlooked him? Zackary felt so dissapointed that he sat down in the garden and cried right then and there until his Mother came out and scolded him for being so selfish. Poor Zackary didn't really enjoy Christmas day.

Later that night Zackary reached an important milestone in the life of an English child. He wrote his first formal letter of complaint.

'Dear Santa, I know that the north pole is busy at this time of year but I have been so good! I've been making sure to tidy my room and I've done all of my homework! So why didn't I get get my Christmas wish? All I asked for was a puppy to look after and play with, not just for Christmas either! All year round of course! But it seems that good deeds aren't enough anymore... I'm sorry to bother you Sir, perhaps i don't deserve a very Merry Christmas after all... Yours Sincerely, Zackary Zeebleduke.'

His clever use of reverse psycology proved very effective, as the Elf that first read the letter wiped a tear from his eye as he dashed straight to Santas' head office. Santa read the letter and was confused, he knew Zackary had been on the nice list! He had made sure of it! Santa pulled out his list and read it through again, from A through to Y everyone had been ticked off... Oh goodness!

Santa rushed into his sleigh with a little wiggly bundle on his back, it was time to put this straight right away! He dashed to Zackary's house, calling the names of his reindeer out in turn. Obviously there was minor hold up on the A2, and the congestion charge caused by a one horse open sleigh in the middle of rush hour was something cronic, but despite getting another point on his license Santa was at Zackary's home by midnight.

"Rap rap" On the door went Santa's padded glove. (He wasn't alowed to climb down chimmneys after Christamas, it''s massively illegal.) Sure enough Zackary, with tears still drying on his face, opened the door and imagine his surprise!

Santa came in and settled down into Father's chair, helping himself to food and eggnog. He explained to Zacakary the mistake that had been made. It seems that Santa's portly thumbs had hidden the one name at the very bottom of the nice list! He promised that from now on, instead of wrting down names in an alphabetical manner he would always visit houses in order of niceness. But that wasn't the only surprise that Santa had in store for Zackary...

He took out the sack he had been carrying very carefully on his back all through the long journey and gently placed it on the ground. Zacakary looked at it, breathless, could it be?

First he heard a tiny woof, then a little sniff. He kept on watching as a furry brown ear emerged, followed by the other and then he saw the bright button eyes, wiggly tail and new leather collar! Zacakary's Christmas wish had finally come true, despite a questionable admin system!

Santa chuckled as he watched the boy play with his brand new pet, downing some more eggnog in the process. Mother also watched on as Father had gone to the pub for evening to celebrate boxing day. Santa winked, with a glint in his eye.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

The End

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