Days After Christmas

Several months have passed,

and they've gone by so fast,

but I still remember tht things,

the happiness it brings,

at the mere sight of you,

with feelings oh so true,

I smiled at just the thought,

and frowned at the times we faught.

Though they still linger in me heart,

They will always still have a part,

The part in me that can't move on,

The part of me that that sings that song,

Because it was one that I remember clearly,

and I treasure it oh so dearly,

because it's all I have left of you,

Which turns my feelings oh so blue.

But now I know you've moved on,

and my heart still feels as if it had done something wrong,

Though my friends think that I'm okay,

Deep down I'm still astray,

Because you tore me to pieces,

and you threw them away,

and left me there alone,

I'm now afraid

The End

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