The Christmas Carol

This is a recreation of the famous novel Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in poetic form


The Christmas Carol 



There was an old man Ebenezer Scrooge

He was wealthy, but aye! Too shrewd

It was the day of Christmas

Which he hated so much

He had a partner Jacob Marley

Who had died seven years ago the same day


This night before Christmas when on his bed Scrooge lied down

He woke up astounded and his smile turned into a frown

He saw his dead partner, right before his eye

He had chains around him, Scrooge turned wry!


He said to Scrooge,” Don’t follow my path,

You have time, yes you hath!

Just stop making more and more money

Care for everyone and turn your tongue into honey”


“As the clock tonight shall strike one two and three

Spirits of past present and future shall come to meet thee”

Yes! He was true and hey did come

They taught scrooge a lesson while he felt dreamsome


The first spirit came to Scrooge and showed him his past

He showed him his school where his early life had passed

He showed him how, he ignored his sister Fan

And how for money he lost his fiancée Belle to another man


Came the second spirit at the stroke of two

He showed scrooge his present while scrooge turned blue

He showed him his clerk Bob Cratchit’s life

His poverty, five children and a loving wife


Scrooge was hurt and deeply touched

He went to the future with the third ghost as his robe he touched

He showed him crippled Tiny Tim’s death

He showed Scrooge a tombstone which caused him to fret


Scrooge saw his name on the tombstone engraved

How much to rub it Scrooge craved!

He had left no friends to mourn and everyone was a foe

It all certainly added to scrooge’s woes


Scrooge cried ant took an oath therewith

He changed a lot .Yes ye did!

He followed forbearance and charity

He spread the essence of Christmas and love with parity


The End

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