The Beginning

In a world where knowing a person's name gives you the ultimate power over that person....

She had straw-yellow hair, and sparkly blue eyes.

"What do you want to name her, Milligan?" The miller's wife asked.

Milligan took the baby girl and decided immediately. His wife liked it.

"Wonderful name. But what will we call her?"

Milligan was confused. "Why not just call her by her name?"

His wife sighed. "For the same reason I call you Milligan."

Milligan nodded. He knew she had a point. Names in this kingdom had a power.

"Millie, then." He finally said, "She will be called Millie, because I am called Milligan."

"Very nice, dear." His wife lay back, and closed her eyes. "Millie."

Milligan was just a miller, and his daughter a miller's daughter, but far away there was a prince being named.

The queen was tired. "You can't call him Kingston." She told her husband stubbornly. "His brother already has to be called Kingsley. We can't have a Kingston and a Kingsley in the family."

"Well, what do you want to call him, then?" The king asked, folding his arms across his chest, like a small child.

"Caleb." The queen said simply. "We'll call him Caleb."

The king frowned. "That's all very well," He said, "But what will his name be?"

The queen studied her baby boy's dark hair and emerald green eyes, and she knew.

"Very well." The king said when he told her. "But I'd still prefer Kingston."

And so the two children grew up, being called Caleb and Millie, but knowing inside their true names, and longing to tell someone. They grew up worlds apart, but when two children are born at the same time, they don't stay separate forever.

Destiny would never allow it.

The End

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