The Dawn of the Unveiling

The battle for a superior religion has been brewing since recorded human history. With the advancement of technology today a group from one religion enters into a plan to destroy another religion long before it ever had a chance to see movement by millions. This story combines modern day technology, historical documents, a hatred between two religions, one seeing it more superior then the other. Is it science fiction or is it or has it already really happened. You got to read the story or, h

The heat and dust rose like a flame from the ground.  Around them they could hardly believe their eyes as they began to brush off the residuals from their trip to that specific location.  Colonel Zagorski slowly raised his goggles to get a better look around the perimeter yet he still was like all the other members of his team, dumbfounded and somewhat in shock.  Raise the interspacial communications device and see if command could be raised, commanded Colonel Zagorski at Sergeant Silva.  Roger that responded Sgt Silva.  With that Colonel Zagorski brushed off the rest of his gear and began to get a better understanding of the location that they had been sent to.  Members of the team only took a few moments to begin to set their perimeter secured but all were in awe from what they were seeing.  Could this be really happening said Specialist Soto, a soldier who had been with the team for over 4 years and believed deeply in his religion.  Scattering thoughts were now common amongst the fellow team members, all feeling as though they were in some type of movie. 

Alex Karris had been asleep when he heard his phone ring.  He knew that no one but the citidal would call him on that phone and knew it had to be important.  He had just fallen asleep from another night of drinking and carousing with his fellow workers as it was his promotion party.  He had been advised several days ago that he was being transfered from the top secret base at the antartica base to White Sands Facility.  In a deep and raspy voice he answered.  On the other end of the phone was General Able Abreu.  He was in charge of the most destructive and most intense projects known to man for the US Government and Military.  How can I help you Sir said Alex.  We have a serious breech of our facility in sector 61.  I am sending you a plane and expect you to be on site within 24 hours. A briefing will then be given to you and others which I have called.  Hanging up the phone Alex wondered why he would be sent to the other side of the planet on such short notice without being told why.  He knew that his work had been in a specific area and that he was considered to be the best in his field. 

Night had drawn a familiar calm which Alex knew was just a precurser to what he had ahead of him.  While he looked out over the Antartica as he was being flown by a military aircraft he wondered what and how did they do it. How did they take over one of the most, if not the most, secured facility on planet Earth.  How did they accomplish such an endeavor and what were their motive.  He looked down at the dossier that he had been given shortly after takeoff.  He opened it and began to read through the many pages of the report with pictures of the incident.  Alex wondered if it was really possible and if so what were their objectives.  He had known that the Muslims, the radical ones, were doing everything they could to disrupt the peace talks that were being held in Hawaii.  He thought how appropriate it was to have so many different country's leaders to meet in the middle of the Pacific ocean and what it would entail should they all come to an agreement that would end the ongoing war against Christianity and the Muslim religions. 

Tanna had been swimming in the river that her grandfather had once played in.  She did not know that she would soon be hurled into a environment that she could only image.  Tanna had been traveling around the world for the last 20 years of her life looking for evidence that Christ had actually been a man who had been cruxified, a man that had been rasied to the elevation of a Messiah.  She had been raised by her father who had been a man who did not believe in anything but fact, if it could not be held in one's hand, if it could not have a materialist feel to it then it was not real.  She knew deep down in her soul that God was the creator of her and all human existence but her quest to find physical evidence seem so far out of her grasp that she often had times of great depression.  From the corner of her hotel room she could see the bustling street below here.  Men and Women were dressed in robes and head dresses that were not common in America.  She had been in the Cech Republic for less then a week.  She had been told by her contact that someone with a written scroll was to contact her.  A scroll that some said was written by the hand of Jesus Christ. 

Good morning Mrs. Abreu, came from the doorway of her room by room service.  Would you wish to have some tea with your breakfast.  Tanna did wish to insult the service person so she said, reluctintly yes.  As the man stepped into her room to set up the breakfast he began to look around.  Can I help you asked Tanna.  No but I am not here only to bring you breakfast Mrs. Abreu, I am here to take you to someone who you have been wanting to meet.  Tanna then sat down on the bed and asked him where were they going.  I am sorry Mrs. I am having to walk with you to a car we have waiting for you downstairs.  I am then to blindfold you for your safety.  Reluctantly she said ok.  Give me 10 miniutes and I will be down.  Very well Mrs.  Quickly she ate and then she dressed and she then left to meet with her escort.

General Abreu knew that his daughter was traveling on what he believed to be a quest of wasted money and time.  That he had told his daughter many times that she was better off working at a gas station then attempting to prove something that was not true. 

The End

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