The Chosen SaviorMature

Archer awesomeness... Pretty strait down

Hisss!… Thwunk! 

Another bullseye I thought as I began to reach for another arrow. I quickly nocked it and concentrated on my next target.About 150 meters I judged and sent another arrow once again hissing and thwunking into the red zone of my target. 

Quick as a flash I nocked and sent an arrow 275 meters into another one of the targets, not quite a bullseye but very close I thought. As being the Divinum Sagittarius chosen by the OberWarden I was the keeper of the Sacred Archer Magics. Only those who were trained in these divine arts knew the true extent of this power. The next target, a group of three wooden men, emerged and a slowly uttered: "Rupes caeli opprimeret hostes mei!"

Crackle! There was a flash of light and then three large boulders fell out of the sky completely shattering the three wooden men, and very quickly drawing a crowd.  

"Good job" called the Taskmaster from a couple hundred meters away. 

"Thanks" I called back. I guess I'm starting to become pretty popular around here I thought counting about thirty people in the crowd that had gathered to watch me practice.  Focus! you're here to practice I thought and began to nock another arrow.

"That wont be necessary" said a voice behind me.

"Oberwarden, what brings you here today, I'm at your service" I replied a little startled.

"Seems that you've been getting better, and that you've drawn quite the crowd Sachin" said the Oberwarden in return

"Thank you my lord, is there anything that you need?"

"Yes meet me in my quarters in 2 hours, there is something I must tell you" Said the Oberwarden

"Yes my lord" I answered.

The End

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