Achilles Heel

"Yes, he does. Hemmidal was made in the image of humans, so despite being virtual, has some particular spiritual traits. One of these is that he needs the DNA in the blood of a female virgin as a sacrifice every seven days."

  Jasper frowned. He tested his leg, the one that was reattached. It felt alright. In fact, it felt even better than before. He held a private conversation with his silicobrain, which functioned rather differently to Emily's silicobrain. He liked to keep the workings of his silicobrain entirely separate from his organic cortex, just to monitor the differences in judgement of the two.

  "What can you remember about the blood of female virgins?" He asked his alter ego.

  "I remember seeing a stockade whilst we were making our way to the second antechamber. Perhaps you will find the virgins in there." His other half replied to him.

  Jasper so loved his companion. "As usual, one step ahead of the game." If Emily had been around, she would have by down uploaded her map of the Black Ambition to Jasper's brain, but she was not here.

The End

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