A giant, but from the wrong side of the tracks

"Hemmidal," replied Visara. "A genetically engineered copy of Hammidal, and thus of a younger chronological age than he. The two are telepathically linked so that Hemmidal is aware of any new developments from Hammidal's side, and vice versa. However to reflect his lower ranking he is set up differently from Hammidal. Whilst Hammidal lives in his Corral of Eternal Life, Hemmidal has full bodily functions and will one day perish."

"Sounds like Hammidal's whipping boy," remarked Jasper.

Visara giggled. "That is not all. Hemmidal's virtual imprint has full control of the Black Ambition. It is so advanced that the Resistance has backed it up five times on different cloud servers, meaning that at any one time, six different Hemmidals are in operation, each channel overseeing a different sector of the Resistance."

"Great," Jasper remarked. "Instead of one enemy, we have about six. Does he have any weak points?"

Visara frowned in concentration as her neurons reached for the answer.

The End

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