A Grave Prediction

"Were you captured with the brain separately, or did Hammidal do this evil deed to you?" Jasper asked Visara.

"It was Hammidal!" Exclaimed Visara. "He used nanosurgery and dug it out. The connection is on radiofrequency and there are transmitters and decoders on my brainstem, but as you can see the connection is far from ideal."

"Listen Visara, we are on a mission to annihilate Hammidal," Jasper whispered conspiratorially in Visara's ear. "Will we succeed?"

Visara closed her eyes, and appeared to concentrate. Lights on the canopic jar glistened like jewels.

"It is possible," she concluded. But first you must get rid of his second in command."

"Who is this?" Asked Jasper.

The End

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