Genetic Manipulation

As the Seer (whose name was Visara) and Jasper chatted freely, Snowflake tried lifting the canopic jar. It was heavy, but nothing that she couldn't handle. She tried moving it towards the corridor.

  Then Visara started stuttering. She went blank, and her head dropped to her chest.

  "Hm. She can only be a certain distance away from the brain," explained Snowflake to Jasper. "This connection is really dodgy. It would appear that the purpose of this is to enable the Resistance to study her brain more closely."

  The Seer's almost magical capacity to predict the future came from the fact that she was able to see individual particles within a 5 million mile radius and their trajectory, and from this immense quantity of data she was able to work out her conclusions. This special ability came from genetic engineering.

The End

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