The Prophet

The Seer was a blur within the ice. Jasper turned up the thermostat to warm up the solid mass. Within the sarcophagus, the Seer lay peacefully in the water, her eyes closed. Her skin was the colour of demera sugar and her hair as black as ebony. Her features were proportioned so sweet and fine that it seemed like a master artist had drawn them. A net of dark beads was draped over her updo and forehead. Suddenly, her finger twitched and she was gasping as she emerged out of the salty liquid.

  "The brain is still in communication with the body." murmured Snowflake.

  The Seer stared wonderingly at Jasper. It was the first time that she had seen somebody with such grace and understanding. Then she embraced him. "Thank you for rescuing me! My prince!"

  Snowflake looked on with askance. "We'll need to carry your brain, then."

The End

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