Open Sesame

Jasper stared intently at a luminescent display near him. The graviton report seemed to indicate that the ship had now traversed into a new space. He looked up rather absent-mindedly.

  "There's 'I scan' inscribed on the rim of this lock in early 21st century English, but what can it refer to? A 3D barcode?" Snowflake knitted her slender eyebrows together.

  Jasper looked disdainfully at Snowflake. "It's an eye scanner, of course."

  Snowflake clapped her hands together. "That's it!" She showed the iris of one of the fallen workers to the scanner. It was rejected. "Oh wait, only Hammidal would have access, right? He was born on Mars, so his eye should be brown!" She found a fake eyeball in her handbag and made it run through some colours. She was rewarded with the sarcophagus cover clicking open.

The End

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