Frozen Coffin

On a notice board, Jasper saw a document mentioning the Seer and the second antechamber. From his memory, the Seer was originally the right hand prophet of the One Emperor, but was captured by Hammidal.

  Jasper and Snowflake raced to the second antechamber. Inside they found two workers, whom they overpowered. They transplanted the operatives' faces onto their own. Now they turned their attention to the sarcophagus.

  The Seer was frozen inside. However, what was more interesting was that her brain seemed to have been removed from her body. The brain was suspended in blue liquid and electrodes were attached to it in a transparent canopic jar.

  "This lock looks complicated," Snowflake said, as she examined a circular bolt with an optical sensor on the sarcophagus.

The End

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