Date Scheduled

Snowflake rummaged in her handbag again and took out a squeezy bottle with a cone tip.

  "This is some flesh glue. It holds firmly but provides a matrix to allow structures to reconnect through it. It dissolves in the presence of dividing cells." Snowflake also put a ring of the glue around the outside of the join for extra stability. "And of course I remember that incident. You nearly died."

  Jasper nodded. "I broke my neck as I approached the beach. Certainly I died. But the Jini rescued me, and gave me their own powers of regeneration." Then he leaned close to Snowflake. "Say, once this is over, do you want to have dinner with me?"

  To his surprise, Snowflake agreed.

  "Let's go out and check over this place," she added.

The End

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