But it was too late. Snowflake could only watch, aghast, as the opening closed. On the other side, she briefly saw Emily try a higher setting on her blaster...

  Upon finding a winding corridor with identical looking doors, Snowflake tried one and it slid open. Inside, she dumped Jasper unceremoniously on a couch and started rummaging through her reticule. Jasper looked on queasily as blood dripped from the stump of his left leg. Finally, she found a small glass bottle. Holding it through the cloth of her shirt, she broke the top off.

  "It's some thyroid hormone," she explained in a businesslike way to Jasper. "Your leg should reattach itself with this."

  Jasper looked at Snowflake with adoration. "Do you remember when we were children, and trying to ride a tsunami wave?"

The End

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