"Wait," protested Jasper, putting his hands up as Emily moved towards him. "I have a better idea."

  Jasper found a trolley and made Snowflake and Emily stand on it. Then, at around ten metres away from the opening, he wheeled the trolley at a run towards it. As they approached the barrier, Emily tossed the quarks into the slot. She had no time to retrieve the jar, but that did not matter as it was now empty. When they went through the opening, Jasper was going at 10 metres per second.

  The blurry figures on the other side became larger and larger. Jasper felt the slightest of resistance as he passed through the wormhole. He stepped forward, and his feet found nothing. The trolley crashed down an escalator and both its occupants were thrown off.

  "Jasper, you idiot!" Cursed Snowflake as she careered into an old man.

The End

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