The ceiling vaulted up high above the trio's heads. Lava columns gave some ambient lighting to the platform. The architect had, on a whim, decided that to facilitate communication within the station, it should be made entirely of silica. So through the transparent walls you could see passengers on other levels of the station going about their business. It made any movement on the higher levels rather giddying at first, but Jasper had become accustomed to it.

  Emily took out her jar of quarkmoney. She shook the meter, as she did not quite believe what she was seeing. After a few more attempts, she turned to Jasper.

  "Can you give me a transfer?" She asked him with her most angelic smile.

  Jasper took out his jar, which had been hung around his neck on a cord, and meted out an exact quantity of quarks into Emily's jar.

The End

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