The First Evil

Emily did not reply immediately, but fished out some retinabugs. One by one, they swallowed them. Jasper felt a momentary nauseous sensation as the retinabug found his optical nerve and took control. A millisecond later, lines of print scrolled rapidly past his field of view. The writing appeared an arm's length away from him.

  "Basically, we need to depose of a an evil dictator of monstrous proportions. Hammidal is currently leading an invasion against the One Empire and poses a great danger to the security of its people." Emily bugged Jasper and Snowflake. She had printed the text in bold so it was not hard to miss. "We need to infiltrate Hammidal's ship, the Black Ambition, and bring back his head to Sycamore to run DNA tests on."

  The details of the mission were fleshed out some more by Emily, who then led her team through a window to their nearest wormhole station. Jasper grinned with excitement at the familiar sight of the noisy and bustling station.

The End

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