"Fifty-seven... bingo! We now only have one fish left." Emily picked up one of the dead fishes. "You know, trout are omnivores. They love the taste of other fish." She hooked the dead trout to the fishing line. Soon she felt tugging and, yanking the hook out of the water, revealed the remaining single rainbow trout caught on it.

  Meanwhile, Snowflake had brought out a needle and was injecting Jasper with some nanomedicine to boost his recovery. In the rays of the setting sun, his new blond hair shone brightly. The slough had revealed a more youthful look, though on his face there was a mellowed expression which somewhat betrayed his real age.

  Snowflake was soon joined by Emily, who shook Jasper's shoulders. "Wake up Jasper! It's time for our assignment!"

  Sulking, Jasper reluctantly came to his senses. "What is it?"

The End

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