Mission Selection

"You see, I made a bet," Emily continued. "A bet with Sycamore. I told him that we were so talented, we could do any mission he cared to put forward. So I have tagged the fish with tiny code numbers corresponding to each mission."

  She continued to exterminate the trout. "Twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six..."

  Jasper suddenly keeled over in acute agony. He held his hands over his face, because it was peeling off. His nails fell off. Despite the pain, he tugged at the skin and caused more of it to come off. His grey hair came loose like cotton wool.

  Snowflake looked at him in disgust. Then, moving forwards, she yanked the skin at the nape of his neck and the whole tegument came off. Jasper collapsed in a dead faint.

  Nearby, Emily had holstered her blaster and brought out a fishing rod.

The End

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