The Chosen One

Chapter 2 - An Angel or Devil?

It was so bright and felt nice to my body. I was suddenly on a bright colored floor filled with many colors, lights, and pebbles. I looked around and I soon realized that I was in a throne. White light came through and made the whole throne bright. "Greetings Sara. Welcome to my throne where you must get prepared for your battle with the demons. You might die there but no worries, we have back-up," the man said. He had wings and short silver hair and silver-purple eyes. "Who are you? Why am I here?," I managed to shout out of my mouth. "Shut your little mouth. I'm here to train you to become the one who will save us from the curse put on us by our first president," was all he said back to me.

Suddenly he lightened up and told me, "I have a feeling you are the one who can save us from this curse." He smiled and said, "Sorry for me being so rude and my name's Kai. I'm the angel king and here to help you with your mission of defeating the demons once again." I smiled and said, "Do you know when 'they' will come?" He looked stiff and said in about a week. My eyes widened and looked down. "I won't be able to do it in time. I'm sorry," I told him. He slapped me and yelled, " I have trust in you! This was decided a long time ago! I won't be trained such a pitiful girl. Take her away and lock her in jail for until we find a better chosen one." I was taken in by the guards and I didn't do anything but follow them.

Something clicked inside me. There was something strange about that 'angel'. It was more like a dark aura around him. I kicked away the guards and ran into the throne. My eyes widen when I saw the angel transform into a devil?!

The End

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