The Chosen One

There is one chosen one in this world. One that can change a world into something new. What will happen when the 'chosen one' doesn't know how to use her magic?!

Chapter 1 - I'm the Chosen One?!

   "Kelly!! Wait up! You're running too fast for me to catch up," Sara shouted as she stopped to catch her breath. Kelly stopped and ran back to help her friend. "Sorry, I'm just so excited to have these tickets!!," Kelly replied to Sara. Sara looked up to the sky and sighed. "It's so hot today and I just ran a mile," Sara put bluntly. "You know that you're like as fast as the wind anyway." she smiled. Kelly showed a smile back.

They soon continued to run to the concert. When they finally got to the concert, grey clouds started to form in the sky. Everything seemed a bit gloomy yet happy. Suddenly, a burst of bright yellow flashed in the sky. "No-way, the chosen one is gonna be taken here?," Kelly asked Sara. "Sara Mars come up to the stage!," a voice boomed through the mic. Sara's eyes widened and ran up to the stage. No way. I'm the chosen one?!  Sara walked up to the stage and suddenly transformed into a 'chosen one' outfit. What the heck is this?! Why me?!!

The outfit was a dress with a bit of layers on the bottom of the dress. The layers were different shades of pink and I also wore a necklace with a pinkish-purple gem. "Sara Mars, you are the chosen one for changing our world into a better one. The devils from Hell are coming into our planet and we need you to get rid of them," the voice said. Suddenly, with the snap of his fingers I was summoned to another place. Was it Hell? It was dark, dangerous, and suddenly something bit me! I fainted on to the floor. I'm not suited for this job. I'm gonna die away. "No." A voice awoken me and Sara suddenly was floating?!  A bright light that helped me...

The End

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