The Chosen One

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the origional story (My version) is about one man with an incredable power that he doesnt know it and The Divine Empire wants to use his special power to win the war against the alien forces.



At the beginning of the Great War between two races, there was an empire. This empire was one of the most well known empires across the known universe and everyone praised this empire so as to help and support their worlds from total destruction…. This powerful empire was created by one man who was known as the Devine Lord, from his knowledge and wisdom he created an elite force known as Spartans… with this elite force this empire could defeat anyone or anything that will try to harm anyone who is an innocent race…until a race from a part of the universe where no one dared to go have raised from darkness to conquer the universe… but their was only one thing in their way from victory… The Devine Empire….


 Only one can save them now….


Chapter 1: Late for work.

The sun rises at 7am in Zoalack city to the west, Dante raised his head from his pillow slowly and turns his head to the right and looks at his alarm clock, “oh, crap am late!!”…

He sprung from his bed and grabs his clothes and tries to get dressed quickly, he tries getting his pants on but he falls over with a thump, “OW”  he jumps up from the floor and runs to the door and grabs his keys, watch and wallet on the way out his front door.

He runs to his car and grabs his keys from his pocket and Dante fiddles on with his keys trying to find the right key….. ‘Wait a minuet’ he looks at the keys once more ‘How on Gods green earth did I forget it was the ORANGE ONE!,  Wow I am so stupid’ he shakes his head then puts his key into the door lock, he turns the key then opens the door and he gets into the car.

Dante starts the engine and a loud roar from a V12 Turbocharged engine broke the silence of the morning light, he slams hit foot on the accelerator and the car speeds out of the driveway slamming the driver’s door and roars down the street at 60mph almost hitting a cat ‘DAM missed again. Eh, there’s always tomorrow. OH CRAP!’ he slams his brakes and skids 20 meters down the road and stops at a red light. After 2 minutes of waiting the light turns green and he roars of the line straight down the road, about 40 – 50 meters down the road he got flashed by the police ‘COME ON! Am going to be late for work, Grrrr’ he pulled over and the police pulled up behind Dante’s car.

A police man opened the door on the police car then stepped out and started walking over to Dante with one hand holding a notebook and another on his gun, the policeman knocks on the car window and makes a sign with his hands telling Dante to roll down his window, Dante rolls down his window and asks in an innocent voice ‘what is the problem my fine figure of a man’ the policeman looked at Dante ‘Flattery wont get you any were, I pulled you because you have a broken taillight’ ‘no I don’t’ Dante replied.

The policeman walked to the rear end of Dante’s car and he pulled his stick of his belt and smashed Dante’s taillight, ‘Now you do’ ‘WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!’ Dante yelled in anger as he opened his car door and stepped out and walked over to the policeman and pushed him to the ground ‘OW’ the policeman yelled, he grabbed the tazer from his belt and zapped Dante.

He fell over on the ground in a fit and the policeman stood up with a smirk on his face, ‘Ha ha, that’s what you get when you assault a policeman you little punk’. Dante looks at the policeman walking towards him then he slowly closes his eyes and black’s out.


4 hours later……

Dante wakes up in a dirty jail cell, ‘How did I get here?’ as he slowly rises his head from the ground, a strange voice came from the shadows in the next cell ‘you got zapped by the dirty pigs, ha-ha’. ‘Who said that?’ Dante said while looking into the shadows to she who it was then all of a sudden a man burst from the shadows and slammed against the bars that link there cells together, Dante fell backwards in surprise and hit the ground hard ‘OW!...... WAS THERE ANY NEED FOR THAT?!’ ‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha’ the strange man burst into laughter.

Dante stood up and brushed the dirt from his ragged clothes ‘Argh’ what am I wearing?’ Dante said is disgust ‘well you have a plane green t-shirt and black pants’ the strange man giggled ‘I know that, am not blind you know’ Dante said as he looked at the strange man ‘what is your name anyway?’ ‘Well… they call me, the crazy Amish’ TCA (The crazy Amish) said while smirking at Dante, then all of a sudden the ground started rumbling and the light's in the cells swung back and forth.

"Whats going on?' Dante shouted over the loud rumbling noise then a loud bang came from the wall behined Dante and dabree flew all over, Dante turned around in shock and saw a giant hole in the wall and then from the smoke from the explosion 4 figures appeared....


Chapter 2 (please feel free to fill this in your selves, I am continuing this on microsoft word., Have fun =] ) and sorry for any mistakes i might have made in this story lol

The End

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