Chapter 7

            Marshal fixed his gauntlets. Roquia was happy to see that the Chosen Hero was back.

          “Okay Marshal,” said Roquia. “Aquia will lead you to Rubia’s quarters. There, you will receive your first sword fighting lesson.”

          “Sweet!” said Marshal.

          “Follow me, Marshal,” said Aquia. Aquia led Marshal back to the main altar of the temple. Aquia then walked to a large door, and knocked on it. The door had large torches at each side. The large door rose slowly to reveal Rubia.

          “Ah, Aquia, Marshal come in,” said Rubia. Rubia looked at Aquia. “Aquia, why don’t you head over to the fighting simulator while I talk to Marshal?”

          “Okay Rubia,” said Aquia. Aquia left, leaving only Rubia and Marshal.

          “I have trained all the Chosen Heroes, except Alexander. I know you will be a great sword fighter, and that is because you have potential,” said Rubia. He led Marshal into a weapons room. “Stand there, Marshal.” Rubia grabbed a sword in a sheath and strap. “Are you right or left handed?” asked Rubia.

          “Right,” replied Marshal. Rubia put the strap around Marshal’s body at a diag. The sword’s handle was right behind Marshal’s right shoulder. Marshal tightened the strap. A smaller strap ran perpendicular from the main strap in the front and back.

          “This is going to be your sword during your training,” said Rubia. “Now my sword.” Rubia walked up to a strange, unlit torch. He created a ball of fire in his hand and ignited the torch. A door rose to reveal a shiny sword with fire red tint to it.

          “Nice sword,” said Marshal. Rubia grabbed the sword off of the hooks on the wall.

          “Thank you,” said Rubia. “It is the Ember Blade. It was crafted by my brother, Firas.”

          “Your brother is Firas, the Goronian God of Fire?!” asked Marshal, in shock.

          “Yes,” replied Rubia. “He trusted this sword to me. I use it to train myself and the other Chosen Heroes. Now, it will be used to train you.”

          “Okay,” said Marshal, ready to start his training.

          “Follow me, Marshal,” said Rubia. He led Marshal to a large room. It was very wide, very long, and very high. The floor had short grass.

          “What is this place?” asked Marshal, looking up at the ceiling.

          “This is the fighting simulator,” replied Rubia. “It can create any fighting environment and it gives a real life feel to the training. Aquia is at the controls see?” Rubia pointed at a window at the far end of the room. Aquia was behind the glass.

          “Hello Marshal!” said Aquia. Marshal slowly waved back at Aquia.

          “Activate the simulator!” yelled Rubia.

          “Very well,” said Aquia. Aquia pushed a button. Marshal then felt a bit of a sensation.

          “What was that?’ asked Marshal.

          “That is the simulator,” replied Rubia. “Aquia! Give me a small sword.”

          “Okay,” said Aquia. He pushed a button and a small sword appeared in Rubia’s hand. Rubia then sliced at Marshal.

          “What the hell?!” screamed Marshal.

          “Don’t worry, Marshal,” said Rubia. “Look, you’re not injured, but your health has dropped.” Rubia pointed to a large screen, hanging from the ceiling. It displayed a picture of Rubia and Marshal. Underneath each of their pictures were green bars to represent their health. Marshal’s was a little depleted.

          “What just happened?” asked Marshal.

          “You can be attacked and injured by a sword, but you do not feel the pain,” said Rubia. He then placed his hand on a table. “Watch this.” He then held up the small sword. Marshal covered his face with his arms. Marshal then heard the sword hit the table. “Marshal, look,” said Rubia. Marshal slowly removed his arms from his face. Rubia held up his hand. “See?” Where the sword hit his arm, there was a green circle. The part of his arm that was past the circle was translucent. He then placed the sword on the table. “My arm is still here,” he then tried to grab the sword with his translucent hand, “but I can’t grab the sword. As if my hand was actually cut off. Aquia! Recall the sword and reset the simulator!” Aquia pushed another button, and Rubia’s hand became opaque again. The health bars were also reset.

          “That’s pretty cool,” said Marshal, with a tone of amazement.

          “Yes. Now, let’s begin,” said Rubia. Rubia pulled out the Ember Blade from its scabbard. “In order to win a battle with swords, you have to remember one thing: the sword cannot be your only weapon.”

          “Oh yeah,” said Marshal. “Don’t forget about the shield, right?”

          “No,” replied Rubia. “Your brain.”

          “What? My…my brain?” Marshal was a little confused.

          “Yes Marshal,” said Rubia. “You will not win a fight with just brute force. You have to outsmart your opponent as well in order to win. Let’s try right now.”

          “Wait, what?” asked Marshal.

          “Let’s fight, Marshal,” said Rubia, “an initial sword fight to see how you fight with only instinct.”

          “Uh…okay,” said Marshal. “Don’t I get a shield?”

          “You will use a shield in real life, but I want you to master the sword before I train you with a shield,” replied Rubia. “Now, draw your sword, Marshal.” Marshal pulled his sword out of the scabbard. He was nervous at first, but after seeing himself hold the sword tightly in his right hand; he felt proud. “Great. Let’s being,” said Rubia.

          “Okay,” said Marshal. He held his sword in a tense, battle-ready stance. Rubia, in a calm, collective mood, simply held the Ember Blade back while standing up straight.

          “Let’s begin,” said Rubia.

The End

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