Chapter 6

          “I shall start,” said Roquia. “Follow me, Marshal.”

          “Alright,” said Marshal. Roquia led Marshal to a room that had paintings of the other Chosen Heroes.

          “Now, as mentioned earlier, I am the one who will teach you about Chosen Hero traditions,” said Roquia. “Your first lesson: Who is the Chosen Hero?”

          “The guy who saves the world,” answered Marshal, “right?”

          “Not just saving the world, Marshal,” replied Roquia. “The Chosen Hero is the sole person who houses the mystic power of Goroni.”

          “Goroni? Isn’t that the country?” asked Marshal.

          “No, that’s Goronia,” answered Roquia. “Goroni, however, is a mystic power that only the Chosen Hero controls. Goroni is found in the balance of three elements: fire, water, and ice.” Roquia then revealed a triangular shaped symbol. It was three circles connected by lines. Inside, the top circle was a fire symbol glowing with a bright, red and orange light. The bottom left circle had a blue water droplet tilted at an angle. The bottom right circle was white, and had curvy lines to represent the cold wind that would create ice.

          “What is this?” asked Marshal, amazed by the symbol.

          “This, Marshal, is the symbol of Goroni,” replied Roquia, in a proud tone. “Goroni is a perfect balance of these elements. Fire melts ice, ice freezes water, and water douses fire. In this balance is where the pure, ultimate power can be found.”

          “How did this all start?” asked Marshal.

          “Well, long ago, I came into existence. I wasn’t born, I was just…created,” said Roquia. “Along with me were the first generation of sages and two mystical orbs. These orbs had energy inside them.”

          “Goroni?” asked Marshal.

          “Exactly,” said Roquia. “However, I couldn’t absorb either of the orbs. One of them had the same symbols on it that you see in those circles. I found three sages that had the matching insignias on their hands. The sage with the fire symbol on his hand touched the orb first. The orb shrank, and energy surged through his body. His body was then completely covered in flames, but it was not painful to him. He became Firas, the Goronian God of Fire.

          “The sage with the teardrop symbol on his hand touched the orb next. His body turned completely into water. He could form his body into any shape. He became Hydronex, the Goronian God of Water. The sage with the wind symbol was the last one to touch the orb. The orb than disappeared. This sage’s body turned into water as well, but then it froze. He could still move though. He became Icragon, the Goronian God of Ice.”

          “What about the second orb?” asked Marshal.

          “That was the Goroni that Alexander was blessed with,” replied Roquia. “The Gods will bless you with Goroni, when you’re ready.”

          “I’m not ready?” asked Marshal.

          “You have not finished your training,” replied Roquia.

          “Oh okay,” said Marshal.

          “Yes. Now, the next tradition of the Chosen Hero: you’re clothing,” said Roquia.

          “My clothes?” asked Marshal.

          “Yes,” said Roquia. “Now, touch the stone on your ring, and hold it in the air.”

          “Uh…okay,” said Marshal. He touched the stone, and a glowing blue light shined. Marshal then slowly raised his hand. A blue light covered Marshal. When it faded away, Marshal was only in his boxers. “Gah! Roquia, what the hell’s wrong with you?”

          “Don’t worry, Marshal. All will be explained once you have your clothing on,” said Roquia. “In that room is your outfit and directions on how to put it on. Go on in and put it on.”

          “Okay,” said Marshal, still a little embarrassed by being half naked. 15 minutes later, Marshal walked out in the Chosen Hero uniform. He wore a dark blue tunic to match his stone. He had a black belt at his waist, with the lower part of his tunic extending past the belt. The tunic had belt loops. Extending past the bottom of the tunic and the sleeves was a long shirt made of chainmail. Underneath everything was a set of gray tights. Marshal wore black boots and black gauntlets.

          “Get use to this Marshal,” said Roquia. “You will wear this whenever you fight.” Marshal looked at his hands. The black gauntlets’ leather stretched as Marshal closed his hands. With his fingers, he felt the leather while his fist was still formed.

          “I’m ready,” said Marshal. “I’m ready to become the Chosen Hero.”

The End

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