Chapter 5

          The next morning, Marshal woke up with Aquia looking at him.

          “Aquia? What are you doing?” asked Marshal.

          “It’s time for your next lesson,” happily replied Aquia. Marshal reached for his alarm clock. He looked at it, and became a little angry.

          “It’s 8:30 on a Saturday morning, Aquia,” said Marshal.

          “The Chosen Hero can’t be lazy, Marshal,” said Aquia.

          “No, but the Chosen Hero can be a teenager,” snarled Marshal, as he pulled the blankets over his head. Aquia pulled them back from Marshal’s head.

          “You’re not a regular teenager,” said Aquia. “Now let’s go!”

          “Your dad said with this ring, I can be a normal 14-year-old, and the Chosen Hero,” said Marshal. “Right now, I chose to be a normal teenager who looks forward to sleeping in on Saturday after a long week of school!” Marshal pulled the covers back over his head. Aquia pulled them back again.

          “Marshal, let’s go,” said Aquia. Marshal sighed and then sat up.

          “Okay Aquia, this needs to stop,” said Marshal.

          “I’m afraid I don’t follow,” said Aquia.

          “Look, do you want to be my advisor?” asked Marshal.

          “Of course,” said Aquia.

          “And do you think you can succeed as my advisor?” asked Marshal. Aquia paused for a moment. “Aquia!” yelled Marshal.

          “Yes, I believe I can!” replied Aquia.

          “Then you don’t have to do this,” said Marshal. He then pulled the covers back over himself. Aquia pulled them back.

          “Do what?” he asked.

          “Trying to be perfect,” replied Marshal. Aquia seemed a bit confused. “Look Aquia, I know you’re just doing this because of those jerks who are waiting for you to fail. You want to seem perfect to them. Don’t let them get to you, Aquia.”

          “Okay,” said Aquia.

          “You’re going to be a great advisor, Aquia,” said Marshal, “without trying to be perfect.”

          “Thank you, Marshal,” said Aquia. “Well, since you’re up; why don’t you make some breakfast, and then we can go to the Sages’ Temple.”

          “Okay, sounds good,” said Marshal. Marshal then walked out of his room to kitchen. Aquia looked around Marshal’s room. He noticed a shelf. On the shelf, was a picture of a young Marshal riding on the shoulders of a man who looked similar to Marshal. Next to the picture, was a newspaper dated April 11, 2003. The headline read “Frederick Dies at CyberCo.”

          Next to the newspaper, was a DVD. Aquia grabbed the DVD, and displayed its contents through a screen of energy he created. The screen displayed static. It was then cleared to reveal the man in the picture.

          “Is it on?” asked the man.

          “Yeah, it’s on Vince,” said a woman behind the camera.

          “Okay, so any minute, Marshal will be home. When he walks through the door, we’re gonna surprise him for his birthday,” said the man. A young Marshal then walked through the house.

          “Happy Birthday,” said the man and the woman. Marshal didn’t pay attention because he was crying.

          “Marshal? What’s wrong?” asked the man.

          “E-everyone at school forgot my birthday,” sobbed the young Marshal. “I don’t matter to anyone.” The man got down on one knee to be eye level with the young Marshal.

          “Now, don’t say that Marshal,” said the man. “Don’t let those bullies get to you.”

          “I’m nobody,” cried the young Marshal.

          “Don’t say that either,” said the man. “Marshal, I know you. You’re going to be a somebody, someday. In fact, you’re going to be someone so special, the world will regret it if you were gone.” The young Marshal then hugged the man.

          “I love you, daddy,” said the young Marshal.         

          “I love you too, son,” said the man.

          “I live by what he told me, you know,” said the present day Marshal. Aquia withdrew the energy screen, and placed the DVD back on the shelf. He turned around and noticed Marshal standing there wearing a t-shirt and boxers, eating aPop-Tart.

          “M-Marshal, I was just…uh…” Aquia was a little shocked.

          “It’s cool Aquia,” said Marshal. “Back then, I thought he was just trying to cheer me up. Who knew he would actually predict the future?” Marshal then finished hisPop-Tart.

          “Yes. Well, are you ready?” asked Aquia. Marshal then put on his jeans.

          “Yep, let’s do it,” said Marshal. Aquia then teleported him and Marshal to the Sages’ Temple.

          “Father! Father? We are here!” yelled Aquia. A door opened, and Roquia entered the room.

          “Ah, hello Marshal,” said Roquia. “Are you ready for your next lesson?”

          “I guess,” said Marshal.

          “Okay,” said Roquia. “Marshal, you will first meet the sages who will train you to become the Chosen Hero.” Rubia and Emeria then entered the room. “Before we start, don’t you have something to say, Rubia?”

          “Yes, I do,” replied Rubia. He then looked at Aquia. “Aquia, I want to apologize for my behavior three weeks ago. I had some time to think, and I see that your father made the right decision. You’re going to be a fine advisor to the Chosen Hero.”

          “Thank you, Rubia,” said Aquia. He then looked at Marshal. Marshal then gave Aquia the look that basically said, “See?”

          “Well anyways, here is the team that will transform you from Marshal Frederick, the shy, high school freshman to the 5thChosen Hero, the greatest Chosen Hero yet!” said Roquia. Emeria stepped forward.

          “I am Emeria, Sacred Sage of Nature. I will train you the sacred war skill of archery,” said Emeria.

          “Yes. Emeria is a master archer,” said Roquia. “The best I’ve ever seen.” Emeria then stepped back as Rubia stepped forward.

          “I am Rubia, Sacred Sage of Fire. I will teach you the most important skill that the Chosen Hero should know. This, is the iconic skill of the Chosen Hero: sword fighting,” said Rubia, with excitement.

          “And you already know me,” said Roquia. “I shall teach you all the traditions that come with the Chosen Hero. Aquia shall be your training partner for your lessons. He will also teach you how to use your ring.”

          “Alright,” said Marshal.

          “Are you ready?” asked Roquia.

          “Sure am,” said Marshal.

          “Well then,” said Roquia. “Let’s begin.”

The End

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