Chapter 4

          Marshal walked into his history class the next day. He sat down, still shocked by finding out his destiny. He noticed Nate walking in the classroom. The teacher stood up from his seat.

          “Alright class,” said the teacher. “Meet with your partner to finalize your projects, and we shall present them to the class today.” Marshal’s jaw dropped. Nate walked up to Marshal, holding a blue folder.

          “Aren’t you gonna take out your half of the project?” asked Nate.

          “I-I…I forgot to finish it,” replied Marshal.

          “What?” Nate was a little angry. “Really, Marshal? I know you don’t turn in your homework sometimes, but you picked today to not do your homework?”

          “I’m sorry, Nate,” said Marshal. “I had a crazy night.”
          “Crazy? What happened last night that was so crazy?” asked Nate. Marshal looked at Nate. Marshal then looked down at his ring.

          “Okay, you may not believe it, but I found out that I’m…” Marshal was interrupted by everything freezing around him. Roquia then appeared in the classroom.

          “That was very close,” said Roquia. Marshal was surprised to see Roquia.

          “Roquia? What…what are you doing here?” asked Marshal. “And why is everyone so stiff?”

          “I froze time,” replied Roquia.

          “You what? Why?” Marshal was a little tense. “First I forget my homework, and now time’s frozen?” Marshal looked at Roquia. “Wait…you can freeze time?”

          “It’s all part of being a sage,” replied Roquia. “Now, come back to the Sages’ Temple with me.” Roquia then teleported Marshal and he back to the Sages’ Temple.

          “Why am I here? And why did you freeze time?” asked Marshal, still having a tense feeling.

          “To protect you. You almost told someone your secret,” said Roquia, with a worried tone.

          “But it was Nate, my best friend,” said Marshal.

          “Yes, but the environment in which you were going to tell him was dangerous,” replied Roquia.

          “What? Environment?” Marshal was very confused. He looked around the room as if it would help him understand.

          “Marshal,” said Roquia, with a more prominent tone. “I’ve decided we shall start your training today.”

          “Right now?”

          “Yes and your first lesson shall be how to control your secret. Now Marshal in the past, Chosen Heroes were able to walk through the castle town with their weapons strapped on. Now, your society sees a teenager with a sword as a threat of terrorism. Also, the clothes you’ll be wearing, when you fight, aren’t generally accepted as everyday clothing. That is why I came up with the prophecy for you: the wearer of the blue ring. With your ring, you can summon Aquia’s powers and switch to the Chosen Hero form. With this ability, you can still be the shy Marshal Frederick, but also be the proud, powerful and brave 5thChosen Hero.” A sense of excitement in Marshal erased the previous tense feeling.

          “So how do you recommend I should go about with my secret?” asked Marshal.

          “Only tell people who you can trust your life with, Marshal. Take your friend Nathan, for example. He is willing to get hit in the face to stand up for you. That is someone you could tell, but in a private environment. Also, don’t have other people tell your secret. One more thing; when the time comes, be cautious with government affiliations. I’ve studied your government for a long time, Marshal. They can transform the Chosen Hero from the savior of the world to the United States’ secret weapon. Do you understand this?”

          “Yes, I do,” said Marshal.

          “Okay,” said Roquia. “Now, you said you forgot about your homework. What is the topic?”

          “You want to help me with my homework?” asked Marshal.

          “Well, yes. I take the blame for it. Plus, your homework deals with Goronian history,” said Roquia.

          “Right,” said Marshal. “Well, we had to do a project on certain topics dealing with Goronia.”

          “What was your topic?” asked Roquia.

          “The Rise and Fall of Goronia,” said Marshal. “Nate did the rise of Goronia, and I have to do the fall of Goronia.”

          “Very well,” said Roquia. “Listen carefully, Marshal. I shall start with a question. In your class, have you learned about the three things that caused Goronia to fall?”

          “Yeah,” said Marshal. “The death of Benjamin, Dartazo’s Fever, and Spirit Crush’s attack.”

          “Precisely,” said Roquia. “Also, I know your book doesn’t cover everything I know.”

          “That’s fine,” said Marshal. “My teacher wanted us to find information outside of the book.”

          “Perfect,” said Roquia. He looked at the floor, remembering the horrifying fall of Goronia. He held his hands out in front of him. They were shaking. “I remember it like it was yesterday. I watched the life of Goronia slip through my hands. The first thing was Benjamin’s murder. Benjamin’s arch enemy was Spirit Crush, a reincarnated version of Rolu. (The final ruler of Ineerah) Spirit Crush created a copy of Benjamin. The copy challenged Benjamin to a fight using only a sword and shield. Benjamin set his bow and quiver by the moat of the castle town walls. A nobleman took his son out for a walk outside the castle town. The nobleman noticed the two fighting. He thought the one, who seemed to be winning, was the copy. So, the nobleman grabbed Benjamin’s bow and an arrow and shot at the victor. Unfortunately, the victor was the real Benjamin, and the arrow went right into his heart, killing him. The copy thanked the nobleman for dooming Goronia. The nobleman then used another arrow like a dagger to kill the copy.

          “Benjamin was dead, and he hadn’t given out the Hero’s Blessing. This was in 1495. Eight years later, a disease broke out. Near Goronia was a neighboring kingdom of human-like creatures called Dartazians. One of their believed guardians was Dartazo. Every 50 years or so, a disease called Dartazo’s fever would break out in the Dartazian kingdom. It was like a common cold is to humans. However, if a human contracted it, it was very deadly. The disease made its way to Goronia. The epidemic lasted for about a year. Then in 1505, ten years after Benjamin’s murder, Spirit Crush appeared. He wanted Goronia to die because Alexander killed him. Spirit Crush flaunted his abilities by leveling out a nearby volcano. He then attacked and destroyed part of the castle town. Spirit Crush wanted to watch Goronia die a slow, painful death.

          “Goronia tried to rebuild. However, in 1510, five years after Spirit Crush’s attack, Dartazo’s fever broke out in Goronia again. This epidemic lasted for three years. The date was now April 22, 1513. Only five people remained: King Alexander XIII, his younger sister Rosala, a young, wealthy couple and their eight year old daughter. On this day, April 22, the little girl was the last person to die of Dartazo’s Fever. On April 23, a funeral was held for the little girl. On the morning of April 24, Alexander XIII wrote a document that said Goronia no longer exists. He, his sister, and the young couple traveled north, leaving behind the ruins of a once prosperous kingdom. When Alexander and Rosala woke up the next morning, they saw the young couple both dead. The two killed each other to escape the agony. A week later, Rosala died of starvation. Alexander, being the only person left of Goronia, couldn’t bear the fact that he was alone. He used some of the fabric from his cloak to make a rope. He then tied a large rock to his ankle and jumped into a lake.”

          “Wow,” said Marshal, the only words that he could make after Roquia’s story.

          “And that is how Goronia fell,” said Roquia.

          “Okay. Thanks, Roquia,” said Marshal.

          “Now, Marshal. I’m going to send you back to the beginning of your history class,” said Roquia.

          “Okay,” said Marshal.

          “Your next lesson will be Saturday, which is tomorrow,” said Roquia. “And don’t forget; tell Nathan you secret in aprivateenvironment.”

          “Got it,” said Marshal. Marshal was then teleported back to the beginning of his classroom period. Later that day, Nate ran up to Marshal.

          “Marshal?” asked Nate. “How did you know all of that?”

          “Well, I actually want to talk to you about that,” said Marshal. He then looked around to see if anyone was around. “I’m the Chosen Hero.”

          “What?” asked Nate. Marshal tapped on the stone of his ring, and Aquia came out. “Who is this?” asked Nate.

          “I am Aquia,” replied Aquia. “I am Marshal’s advisor.”

          “Now Nate,” said Marshal. “You can’t tell anyone about this, got it?”

          “Got it,” said Nate. Aquia returned to the ring. Nate then made the motion of zipping his mouth shut. Marshal then smiled at Nate.

The End

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