Chapter 3

Three weeks had passed. Marshal’s anticipation for his ring was extremely high. Marshal was on his way to the cafeteria for lunch, when he accidentally bumped into a girl. It knocked her books and papers out of her hands. Marshal knelt down to help her. He grabbed the books while she grabbed the papers.

          “Thank you,” said the girl.     

          “Oh no prob,” said Marshal. He looked at the girl to give her books back, and noticed the girl was Jane. “Jane,” said Marshal, timidly.

          “Hi, Marshal,” said Jane. Just then, Jake grabbed the books from Marshal.

          “I’ll take it from here,” said Jake. Marshal ignored Jake and continued to the cafeteria. John returned to Coldwater to hand out class rings. Marshal ran up to John.

          “Name?” asked John.

          “Marshal Frederick,” replied Marshal.

          “Oh yes, Marshal,” said John. “Well, ya see Mr. Frederick, that was one of the rings shippedUPS.”

          “Oh, okay,” said Marshal, with a bit of disappointment.

          “But it should be delivered today,” said John, trying to cheer Marshal up.

          “Okay,” said Marshal, still a tad disappointed. Later, after school, Marshal eagerly looked out the front room window, waiting for theUPStruck to arrive. When the truck did arrive, a man walked out and placed a small package on the front porch. Marshal opened the door and quickly grabbed the package. It was addressed to him. He opened the package as fast as he can. Inside, was a small, black jewelry case. A strange light shined down upon Marshal. Roquia’s voice could be heard echoing throughout the house.

          “It is time, Marshal,” said Roquia.

          “What? Who are you?” asked Marshal. The light then teleported Marshal to a dark room. Roquia stood behind Marshal.

          “Hello Marshal,” said Roquia. Marshal screamed in shock.

          “W-who…who are you?” asked Marshal. His hands were shaking.

          “I am Roquia,” replied Roquia. “It is time, Marshal.”

          “Time? Time for what?” asked Marshal.

          “For you to save the world,” said Roquia.

          “Me? Marshal Frederick, the savior of the world? Yeah right,” chuckled Marshal.

          “Marshal this isn’t a time to joke around,” insisted Roquia.

          “What are you talking about with me saving the world?” asked Marshal.

          “It is your destiny, Marshal,” said Roquia. “Every 500 years, it is someone’s destiny to save Goronia and house a sacred power.”

          “Wait,” said Marshal, trying to comprehend what Roquia said. “500 years, sacred power…Goronia.” Marshal was talking to himself. He looked back up to Roquia as if he figured it all out. “It can’t be.”

          “Yes, Marshal,” said Roquia. “You are the Chosen Hero.”

          “What? No! It can’t be right,” denied Marshal.   

          “Yes Marshal,” said Roquia. “Now start your destiny by putting on your ring.”

          “M-my ring?” asked Marshal.

          “Exactly, put it on, Marshal,” said Roquia. Marshal nervously stared at the ring box. He slowly opened it. Inside, was a silver ring with a large aquamarine stone on top. Marshal pulled out the ring and stared at it. He then looked at his right hand, and slowly placed the ring on his right ring finger. A strange energy surged through his veins. They glowed a dark blue. The energy then stopped.

          “What just happened?” asked Marshal.

          “You have accepted your destiny as the Chosen Hero,” replied Roquia.

          “Okay…” said Marshal, slowly.

          “Now Marshal, I want you to meet someone else,” said Roquia. Just then, out of Marshal’s ring appeared Aquia.

          “What? Who is this?” asked Marshal.

          “This is my son, Aquia,” replied Roquia. “He is the Sacred Sage of Water.”

          “Sacred Sage? What’s a sage?” asked Marshal.

          “He sure is full of questions,” pointed out Aquia.

          “You see Marshal, Aquia and I are sages. Sages are powerful, super-wise beings. There are six sages that serve as the government. They are the Sacred Sages. The Sacred Sages are replaced for every Chosen Hero,” said Roquia.

          “So, are you a Sacred Sage?” asked Marshal, pointing at Roquia.

          “No,” said Roquia. “My daughter Platia leads the Sacred Sages, and I am the leader of all sages.”

          “Why was Aquia in my ring?” asked Marshal.

          “He is your advisor, Marshal,” said Roquia. Marshal was trying to figure something out, but was forced to ask Roquia.

          “How do you know my name?” asked Marshal.

          “We have been watching you for a while, Marshal,” replied Roquia. “We know a lot about you.”

          “Oh really?” challenged Marshal. “Well then, lay it on me, uh…” Marshal was trying to remember Roquia’s name.

          “Roquia,” replied Roquia.

          “Right,” said Marshal. “Lay it on me, Roquia.”

          “Very well,” said Roquia. “You are Marshal Frederick: a 14-year-old, socially awkward high school freshman. You are very caring, yet you feel you have barely anyone to express it to. You are fond of a beautiful, blonde-haired girl named Jane Evalon. The only thing in your way is Jake Feston: a cocky, arrogant, and rather paranoid senior. He is also your school’s football captain. You always wonder why Jake would ever feel threatened by you talking to Jane. It is only you and your mother at your house. You often blame you shyness on the fact that your father died six years ago.” Marshal was shocked.

          “Y-you…you know about that?” asked Marshal.

          “Yes, Marshal,” said Roquia, with a saddened tone.

          “Then do you know how he died?” asked Marshal.

          “Yes Marshal,” said Roquia.

          “Because I don’t,” said Marshal, leaving Roquia shocked.

          “You don’t?” asked Roquia.

          “No, my mom never told me,” replied Marshal.

          “DO you want to know?” asked Roquia.

          “Yes,” said Marshal.

          “Well, your father worked at a company called CyberCo,” said Roquia. “They created products related to computers and the internet. They even tried to create a machine that would transport people to Cyber Space. During development of this transporter, a strange virus was attacking the company’s main frame. Your father volunteered to find a way to destroy the virus. On a late, stormy night, your father was finishing his work on a way of destroying the virus. A lightning bolt struck CyberCo and caused a strange power surge. Your father was electrocuted to death.” Marshal was stunned. He stared at the floor, and Roquia felt ashamed for telling Marshal this. “I…I apologize for that, Marshal.”

          “No, don’t feel sorry, Roquia,” said Marshal. “I’m glad I finally know.”

          “Yes. Well, we shall start your training next week. I’m giving you this time to be acquainted with Aquia. You are going to be with him for a long time,” said Roquia.

          “Okay,” said Marshal. He and Aquia were teleported back to Marshal’s house. Aquia looked at Marshal with a feeling of sadness. “Hey Aquia, what’s wrong?”

          “My father says I will be with you for a long time,” replied Aquia. “But I will not be your advisor for long.”

          “What makes you say that?” asked Marshal, with a bit of confusion.

          “The other Sacred Sages, except my sister and the other girls, have been ridiculing me. They think I will fail,” replied Aquia.

          “Why?” asked Marshal.

          “Because of my age,” replied Aquia. “They think I’m too young and inexperienced to be the advisor of the Chosen Hero.”

          ‘What? How old are you?” asked Marshal.

          “147 years,” replied Aquia.

          “And that’s too young?” asked Marshal, with a bit of shock.

          “Well, yes,” replied Aquia. “Rubia, Sacred Sage of Fire, is about as old as my father.”

          “And how old’s your dad?” asked Marshal.

          “9754 years old,” replied Aquia. Marshal’s jaw dropped. Marshal thought about Aquia’s dilemma.

          “You know Aquia, we aren’t that different,” said Marshal.

          “Really?” asked Aquia.

          “Yeah. I’m on a lot in school, and everyone, except my friend Nate, thinks I will never amount to anything.”

          “Oh, I see,” said Aquia. “Yes, and I also have a friend that thinks I can do a lot.”

          “Really? Who?” asked Marshal.

          “Her name is Emeria,” replied “She is the Sacred Sage of Nature, and only about 10 years older than me. I’m also a little fond of her, but Bauxia, Sacred Sage of Shadow, is also fond of her.” Marshal had a big smile on his face.

          “Aquia,” said Marshal. “I think we are going to get along just fine.” Aquia smiled back. Meanwhile, a being was watching Marshal and Aquia.

          With a low-toned voice, he said, “So you are the Chosen Hero? I will have my revenge, Roquia!”

The End

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