Chapter 2

John Sorri returned the next day to accept order forms for rings. He was in a little room with a big opening. It was connected to the cafeteria. John accepted order forms during the three lunch periods. Marshal sat with his friends at lunch. They all had cold lunch to avoid the bad cafeteria food. Marshal noticed John accepting order forms. Marshal pulled out his order form and ran to the little room. Marshal handed the order form to John. John then glanced at it.

          “Okay Mr. Frederick, there’s a couple of things to do. First, we need to verify your ring size,” said John. He grabbed a large keychain like object that had fake, plastic rings with sizes on them. After trying a couple of sizes, John wrote down a number for Marshal’s ring size. John then looked at the order form again, and noticed something wrong.

          “What’s wrong?” asked Marshal.

          “Oh you just forgot to sign and date at the bottom,” replied John. He placed the order form down in front of Marshal. He then pulled out a pen from his shirt pocket. Marshal then signed his name along the line: Marshal Frederick. He then wrote down the date: October 15, 2009.  “Okay thank you very much, Mr. Frederick. Your ring should be here in about three weeks.”

          “Sweet, sounds good,” said Marshal. Just then, a beautiful girl walked up to John.

          “Oh hello, miss,” said John.

          “Hello, Mr. Sorri,” said the girl, with a sweet sounding tone.

          “Order form for a ring?” asked John.

          “Yes,” said the girl. She then flipped her long, wavy, blonde hair. John did all the same things with the girl as he did with Marshal.

          “Okay, miss Evalon, your ring should arrive in about three weeks,” said John. 

          “Okay,” said the girl. She then noticed Marshal. “Oh, hi Marshal.”

          “H-hi Jane,” nervously said Marshal. Just then, Marshal felt a large hand grab his shoulder. It then threw Marshal to the floor. In front of Marshal stood a very tall student. He had wide shoulders covered by a red and white varsity jacket. Underneath the jacket was a “Coldwater Football” t-shirt. Anger was all over this student. From his short, semi-blonde hair through his blue jeans with a hole in the knee to his $500 fancy white shoes. He held his fists tightly together. Marshal sat up and felt the back of his head for blood because he hit a chair on the way to the floor.

          “What the heck, dude?” yelled Marshal.

          “Stay away from Jane, Marshal!” returned the student. Marshal’s friend ran to Marshal, and helped him up.

          “Hey lay off Jake!” said Marshal’s friend.

          “He was flirting with Jane!” replied Jake.

          “He just talked to her. Ya know, you wouldn’t be so paranoid about this if you didn’t feel like you can’t satisfy Jane,” snapped Marshal’s friend. The crowd gave simultaneous “Ohh…” after his comment. Jake was becoming flustered with anger. Jake then punched Marshal’s friend in the face. It knocked him to the floor. Marshal knelt to his friend’s side.

          “Just stay away from her!” yelled Jake. He was pointing his index finger at Marshal. Jake then grabbed his backpack and stormed out of the cafeteria. Jane followed Jake. Marshal stoop up and grabbed his friend’s hand to help him up.

          “Sorry,” said Marshal, with a hint of regret.

          “Sorry? Sorry for what?” asked his friend.

          “You took a punch for something I didn’t even do,” said Marshal. His friend wiped a drop of blood from the corner of his mouth.

          “That’s what friends are for,” said his friend. Just then, the principal walked in holding the back of Jake’s jacket.

          “Nathan Morrison,” said the principal. “Follow me to my office.” He then looked at Marshal. Marshal noticed Jane standing behind the principal. “You too, Mr. Frederick.”

          “Okay,” said Marshal. His friend looked at him. “Don’t worry Nate, it’ll be okay. You stood up for me; I’ll do the same.” Marshal and Nate followed the principal to his office. Meanwhile the strange being was watching over Marshal.

          He called to his daughter, “Platia?” She ran up to the strange being.

          “Yes father?” asked Platia.

          “Organize a meeting of the sacred sages,” said the being.

          “Yes father,” replied Platia as she walked up to a large door. It rose, and she walked through it to a large altar. A table-like object stood in the middle. Around the table were six large doors; three on one side, three on the other. Around the table were seven seats. Platia sat at one. “Sacred Sages! Report!” yelled Platia. Six beings, including Aquia, responded to Platia’s call and sat in the six remaining seats.

          “Why are we meeting?” asked Aquia.

          “Father has called the meeting for a certain reason, but first roll call,” said Platia. Each of the sages charged energy in their hands. “Sacred Sage of Water: Aquia.” Aquia held a ball of water above his body.

          “Here,” said Aquia.

          “Sacred Sage of Fire: Rubia,” said Platia. A being sitting next to Aquia held a ball of fire above him.

          “Here,” said Rubia.

          “Sacred Sage of Nature: Emeria,” said Platia. Next to Rubia, was a female sage. She held a ball of some strange green energy above her.

          “Present,” said Emeria.

          “Sacred Sage of Power: Topia,” said Platia. A being next to Emeria punched the ground and a ball of rock was held above him.

          “Here,” said Topia.

          “Sacred Sage of Spirit: Diamia,” said Platia. Diamia, a female sage, held a ball of spirit energy above her head.

          “Here,” said Diamia.

          “And finally, Sacred Sage of Shadow: Bauxia,” said Platia. Bauxia held a ball of shadow energy above his head.

          “Here,” said Bauxia.

          “And Platia, leader of the Sacred Sages, is here,” said Platia. All of the balls of energy combined at the table to form a strange, multicolored stone. “The meeting shall now begin.” The strange being entered into the altar, after the large door rose.

          “Roquia,” said Rubia. “Your daughter tells us you wanted this meeting.”

          “Yes I did,” replied the strange being.

          “Well what is the meeting for?” asked Aquia.

          “You should know what it is, Aquia,” said Roquia. “Sacred Sages, the time of our prophetic rebirth is upon us. Yesterday, I was observing Marshal and he selected the stone for his class ring.”

          “How is that important?” asked Bauxia.

          “Well, Marshal has followed the prophecy I set,” replied Roquia.

          “The prophecy? You mean-” Roquia interrupted Emeria.

          “Yes. Marshal is the wearer of the blue ring; which means Marshal is, in fact, the Chosen Hero. Here is how things will work: First, since Marshal chose aquamarine, and my son is the creator of that stone, Aquia shall live inside Marshal’s ring and become his advisor.” The other male sacred sages were appalled to hear what Roquia said.

          “Aquia is his advisor?” angrily asked Bauxia. “With all due respect Roquia, I think you have lost your mind.”

          “Really? Why do you think Aquia can’t be his advisor?” snapped Roquia.

          “Well for starters, he is the youngest Sacred Sage in history. Topia, Bauxia, and I have had more experience, in years, than Aquia has been alive,” said Rubia.

          “Obviously, the only reason you picked Aquia is because he’s your son,” said Topia.

          “All of you just-” the male sages’ arguments interrupted Roquia. Aquia, feeling threatened, joined in the fight. Roquia continuously tried to interject, but to no avail.

          “The only reason you are appalled, at my father’s decision is because I’m young and you didn’t get picked!” yelled Aquia.

          “SILENCE!!!” screamed Roquia. His yell echoed throughout the altar. The room then fell dead silent. “Now, yes I picked Aquia because he is my son, but also because I believe he can do it. Aquia is a young sage, Marshal is a young teenager. Aquia could relate better to Marshal. You all had to prove your worth at one time; now it is Aquia’s turn. Also, you may be substantially older than Aquia, but right now, his maturity level far exceeds yours. Platia, Diamia, and Emeria, thank you for accepting my decision.”

          “Your welcome, father,” said Platia.

          “As for you three,” Roquia was specifying Rubia, Bauxia, and Topia. “Aquia is Marshal’s advisor and that’s final. Marshal’s ring will be delivered in about three weeks. You all have until then to prepare yourselves for his training.” Roquia then left, still angry about the uprising.

          “This meeting is adjourned,” said Platia. The multicolored rock split back into the balls of energy, and they were returned to the Sacred Sages. Platia then left to see her father. Bauxia got up and pointed his finger at Aquia, still sitting down.

          “I know you will fail, and we’ll be there to take your place,” said Bauxia. Aquia just ignored Bauxia, and went to his chambers. 

The End

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