Chapter 1

Where Goronia once stood, now a ruined castle town laid, a forest overran the field, and the lake was larger and surrounded by large houses. It was also a popular spot during the summer. A couple of miles away from the ruins was a small city named Coldwater. Inside its high school, a history class continued with its Goronian history unit. This was important in many Michigan schools.

          “Okay students,” said the teacher. “Today we shall review our chapter over the foundation of Goronia. Do any of you have any questions?” The teacher examined the sea of students to notice a raised hand. “Yes, Marshal?”

          “How did Goronia get to Coldwater?” asked Marshal, a shy, secretive student.

          “Good question,” replied the teacher. “The answer isn’t definite because all we know is the Goronian religious point of view. According to Goronian religious text, when Alexander gave out the Hero’s Blessing, it split the continents of North America and Europe. Many years later, when Alexander was 51, a group of the sons of Rolu’s followers, called “Rolu’s Revenge”, sailed to Goronia. They attacked Goronia, destroyed buildings and murdered Alexander. His son, Nicholaus, who was already king, sent his men to defeat Rolu’s Revenge. All but one man was killed. The lone man sailed back to Europe. Nicholaus ordered the entire kingdom to move inland. After a brutal, one-year march, they settled near Coldwater. Does anyone have any other que…” an intercom interrupted the teacher.

          “Attention teachers,” said the intercom. “At this time, would you please send all of your freshmen down to the cafeteria?” The entire history class of freshmen left for the cafeteria. A boring room, the cafeteria. Drab, white tile covered the floor. Long, white, collapsible tables sat across the room with red chairs. At the front of the cafeteria was a stage with an old, blue curtain covering backstage. The smell of bad cafeteria food hung heavily in the room. All the students sat down in the chairs. A man in his best shirt and tie stood on the stage holding a wireless microphone and listened for his tapping repeating through the speakers. The man held up his hand.

          “Alright students,” said the man. “Shh…shh…” He waited for the freshmen to settle down. “Thank you. Now, we have a special guest today.” The man was trying to cover boredom with fake enthusiasm. “Please welcome, John Sorri from the High School Emporium.” Another man walked out in a collared, short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. His brownish-yellow work boots were covered in mud. He took the microphone.

          “Hello Coldwater High School. I would like to thank your principal for allowing me to come today.” The principal cautiously held up his hand. He then fixed his tie, and walked to a chair offstage. “As he mentioned, I am John Sorri. I have represented Coldwater to the HSE for the past 15 years. Some of you might be wondering what is the HSE? Well, the HSE provides many things for high schools. We are most known for our graduation kits and class rings, which is why I’m here.” A PowerPoint was visible on a giant projector screen. The slide showed a lone class ring.

          “When you talk to your parents tonight, they will probably tell you that they didn’t get their ring until they were a junior or senior. Well, we figured if a class ring is supposed to be a way to show off school pride, then why not start this your freshman year? Marshal was in the back of the cafeteria with his friends.

          “Obviously they figured ‘freshman’ means ‘money sooner’,” joked Marshal. His friend kept adding on to his joke. John started to show slides of the different models of rings. Even with Marshal criticizing HSE’s reasons of selling rings, he still wanted one. All of the students received a catalog of rings. Marshal’s friend ran up to him.

          “Hey Marshal,” said his friend. “Are you getting one?”

          “I want one, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to,” said Marshal.

          “Lemme guess, your mom?” asked his friend.

          “Well yeah. I mean, you know how hard it is for my mom. It’s usually not what I want, it’s what my mom can afford. But I’m okay with it. I’m just glad I have a roof over my head,” said Marshal.

          “Yeah, it must be pretty hard without your dad,” said his friend.   

          “Yeah, it has,” said Marshal. “But I’ll try anyways.” Later, when the school day was over, Marshal packed his things, with special to the ring catalog. He then started to walk home. Marshal lived just down the street from the school. A crisp, autumn breeze chilled Marshal’s face. When Marshal made it home, no one else was in the house. The relaxing feel of the hear from the furnace warmed up Marshal’s body. He took his jacket off and hung it on a hook on the wall. He pulled the ring catalog out of his backpack. Marshal started preparing a presentation for his mother. Whenever Marshal wanted something, he always went over the top with presentations to her. His success rate was 90%. Marshal then pulled out his math book and started doing his geometry homework. 2 hours later, Marshal’s mother walked in the house. She was wearing a diner waitress’s outfit. She seemed exhausted. Her outfit had ketchup and mustard stains on it.

          “Hey mom,” said Marshal. His mom glanced over to him.

          “Oh, hey Marshal,” said his mother. She walked into the bathroom to change into some more comfortable clothes. She then slowly walked into the living room. Marshal could hear the sounds of soap opera reruns from the room. After finishing up his homework, Marshal closed his book and noticed the ring catalog.  He grabbed the catalog and ran to the living room. Marshal stood by the television, patiently holding the catalog in front of him. He waited for his mother to notice him. She turned the volume down.

          “Yes Marshal?” asked his mom.

          “So a man came to school today,” said Marshal.


          “He talked about class rings, and I want one.” Marshal tightly held the catalog, waiting for his mother to tell him no. “Okay,” said his mother. Marshal was shocked.

          “Wait, what?” he asked.

          “I’ll get you a class ring,” said his mother. “Well, show me the catalog.” Marshal ran to his mother’s side. They decided what kind of model, metal, and side designs they wanted. “One more thing,” said Marshal’s mother.

          “What is it?” asked Marshal.

          “What king of stone do you want?” asked his mother.

          “Well I was born in March, so let’s go with my birthstone,” said Marshal.

          “Okay, aquamarine it is,” said his mother. She then signed a check for the ring. Everything was ready for Marshal to give to John. Meanwhile, the strange being (the very same that gave Alexander the strange power) was watching over Marshal.

          “Platia,” said the being. A female being walked up to him.

          “Yes father?” asked the female being.

          “Go get your brother, please,” said the being.

          “Yes father,” replied Platia. She then left. A male being that looked similar to the being walked in.

          “You called for me father?”

          “Yes, Aquia,” said the being. “I’ve been watching Marshal and he just selected the stone for his class ring.”

          “And?” asked Aquia.

          “It’s aquamarine,” said the being. A sense of excitement was glowing from Aquia’s face.

          “Then he is the one?” excitedly asked Aquia.

          “Yes, my son. Marshal is, in fact, the Chosen Hero,” replied the being.  

The End

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