The Chosen Hero: The Sacred Rings

Book 1 of a 10 book series. In this story, Marshal Frederick seems to be your ordinary 14-year old freshman. However, he finds out he is the protector of the world; the Chosen Hero. Born about every 500 years, the Chosen Hero houses an ultimate power called Goroni. Marshal is aided by his advisor, Auqia, and Roquia: leader of the sages. Sages are super wise beings that are meant to aide the Chosen Hero.


          You have all heard stories of how there is a great evil to spread terror among people. With that evil, there is also a great figure of good to fight the evil and put it in its place. In this story, that does not change.

          About every 500 years, a great figure of good rises to crush the evil against him. He is known as the Chosen Hero. The first Chosen Hero was named Alexander Goro. The evil he had to crush took the form of an evil emperor named Rolu.

          Rolu ruled the empire of Ineerah.  Rolu’s father, Solaru, ruled before him. The empire fell to a low point. Rolu did not help out. Alexander was only 16 when this happened. The very young Alexander grouped all the provinces together to rebel against Rolu. On the night before, a strange being appeared and gave Alexander a strange power. Three days later, Alexander arrived in Ineerah City, the capitol. Alexander killed Rolu in a sword fight. The empire fell apart and Alexander transformed his province into the kingdom of Goronia and became king. Nine years later, Alexander gave out the energy he gained, as decreed by the strange being. This was known as the Hero’s Blessing. Eventually, Alexander died, his son became king, and Goronia eventually moved to present-day southern Michigan.

          Exactly 500 years after Alexander died, another Chosen Hero was born. The strange being decided a Chosen Hero, with that power Alexander had, will be born 500 years after the death of his predecessor to crush the new evil. His name was Xavier Lestoll. He protected Goronia from a group of revived rebels.

          The third Chosen Hero was Matthew Roqueade. The evil he had to defeat was called Shadow Crush. Matthew ended up teaming with Shadow Crush. The strange being had another person give out the Hero’s Blessing. The strange being then killed Matthew at the young age of 24. This put a fear with the Chosen Hero.

          The fourth Chosen Hero was Benjamin Maloru. He was the son of a ranch owner who had business connections with the royal family. The evil he fought was called Spirit Crush. At the age of 23, Benjamin was killed accidentally by a nobleman, who mistaken Benjamin for an evil creature from far away. Benjamin wasn’t able to give out the Hero’s Blessing. Spirit Crush eventually attacked Goronia. 18 years after Benjamin’s death, Goronia fell apart and died. After this, the Chosen Hero became more of an omen rather than a legacy.

          Another 500 years has passed. It was time for a new Chosen Hero. This Chosen Hero was different. Now, America live atop of the ruins of Goronia. He also had to recreate the good name of the Chosen Hero. 

The End

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