The ChosenMature

The Chosen consist of 'madness' of a family, two sisters are known as the chosen's one of death the other of life.
The chosen's are the ones known to defeat the Dark Lord until he found out how to put them in their place. From then on it was a war of madness with the dark elves and forest elves.
But the question is does the chosen's defeat the Dark Lord or do they fall, on their second trial?

Life takes down many paths.  One path may hold flowers that bloom each single small step you take, another may hold the path to your tragic fall into dark shadows or your own death, and last one path could be mingled in with both.  This is path is what most fall into and is the path we call life.

            Life as I see is very bizarre from how the ones around me face it each day they rise from their sleep.  Do they not think what path they are taking?  Some maybe have consequences other paths maybe inconsequential and today is the day I learn of this caveat fact.

            As I look down upon the corpse of Lilliya and all the verity colorful flowers that mingled around her beautiful wavy brown lushes’ hair.   It seems death called her too soon, for she was too young of age to die in my eyes, but to some age doesn’t matter nor does it for the type of person they were.  The saying goes, “Bad things happen to good people and good things happens to bad people.”  Is a saying that will always recall in my head as if I was insane?

            Sometimes I ask myself that question, but if I wasn’t would I ask?  I’m guessing that I have to trip and fall on life’s path to understand my destiny and my journey that I’m supposed to be on.

As I was again look upon the beautiful, resting, corpse I gazed my eyes upon my sister, Rachella, whom they call the chosen of death. 

            Her  red eyes reminds me of the devil, the coal  colored hair reminds me of death itself, her  cadaverous skin haunts me as if she was already dead.  Yes, death was written upon from head to toe.  She is the call of an evil spirit and I blame her for the deaths that have been upon these villages for the day since she was born, even though I’m the only that may think of her this way for most call her the ‘walking beauty is upon us.’  Even I see her outside ways hypnotized all that surround me.  What an evil spirit she is.

            I then gazed upon William, my oldest brother, whom they call the soldier of bravery.  He is the one I look up to when it comes to my shelter from my ‘father’.  I know he’s not my real that and to give a good name to himself he took the whole family in when we were in need after our real parents went missing.

            William looked up at me, with his bright blue eyes.  His one braid fell over his left eye.  He at that point reminded me of a warrior that was finally put in his place.

            But I finally gazed my eyes upon Crystalo, the chosen of life, she was still looking down at the corpse and her light blackish hair that was turning a brown over time was over her bright greenish blue colored eyes. 

            “She is just a little girl…Should she even be mingled around this type of environment?” I thought to myself.

Life has many questions that can never be answered nor attempted to be answered.

            I looked down at my reflection in the clear water and koi were swimming around my reflection.

After the beautiful corpse in the small wooden carved boat floated out to the sea I felt my heart sank as if I had lost a very dear friend to a monster, my own flesh and blood sister.  As soon as the bad aura inside my chest hit me I looked down once more at my reflection seeing the rain precipitate making small waves permeate throughout.  The icy cold rain matched the mood of my emotions as if I wished all my emotions would dissipate.


 Later that night, I stayed in the same place letting the rain fall onto my fair skin.  The rain was cold as ice, but it helped shape my mood from what it once was.

            “Did I take all I thought of my sister too far or was I right?” I thought over to myself as I watched the lighting hit the sea with tremendous force.  A tempest like this seems to come once in a life time, but when it is here it takes hold of all that’s in its path and uses its mighty force on it like the god Zeus with his lightning bolt, but after the storm is when usually the beauty of earth sets in such as the smell of the rain on the rocky mountains, a very clean like smell.  They say that the rain is what cleans the earth.  In some ways I can believe that.

            And sure enough the storm past and went overseas to a new land that I have never set my eyes on nor dare to.  The land is known as the Dark Lands of the Dark Lord.

            Who would dare enter such fowl lands, risking their life?  And that’s when it hit me, knocking me down to my senses, of the paths of shadows and life. 

I looked down at the flowers and it seems right now I’m staying on life’s fair path until one day I decide to take the chance of the shadows, but when will I ever dare take a chance as that?

The End

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