Chapter 1

Government start secretly choosing families and killing them to decrease population.

I wake up in a good mood. The birds were singing and I could smell coffee. I sit up and look around my room. The white walls glowed with the light coming in from the balcony. I stand up and slid my feet into some slippers. I leave my room and walk downstairs toward the kitchen. My mother is beside the sink, looking out the window and my father is sitting at the table, both drinking coffee. My mother is the first one to notice me. She smiles and hands me a cup of hot coffee, then kisses my forehead. My father looks up from his newspaper and smiles. 

"Good morning Jay, how are you feeling today?"

"Im fine" I say, adding sugar to my coffee. My father closes his newspaper and puts it down. He stands and gets his suitcase from beside the back door. My father travels a lot and I barely saw him anymore. He opens  the door and goes outside with my mother beside him. I look outside and watch my father hug my mother, kiss her cheek, get inside the car, and leave. I take a sip of coffee as my mother comes inside. She always hated when my father left. Although I went to school for a large part of the day and left her alone she had to stay home and take care of my little brother. Whenever my father left I had to work to earn money for my family. I finish my coffee as my mother looks out the window and go back upstairs to change. I look for a black tank top and some skinny jeans and go change in the bathroom. I come out of the bathroom and look for some shoes. I find my black converse under my bed and put them on. I walk outside onto the balcony and watch a black mustang stop about half a mile down my road and pull in at the shoulder of the dirt road. From its spot, the trees on either side of the road hid the car well. I feel myself smile and i go back inside. I walk over to my desk and pick up my book bag and phone. I silently walk down the stairs and past the kitchen, looking at my mom one last time before continuing to the front door. I open the door slowly and step outside to the warm are and the smell of the woods around me. I hold my bad tightly and start to run towards the mustang.

The End

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