Chapter 5Mature

Same night
11.30 pm
“But it’s just not possible”, I exclaim.
It’s about three hours since I abruptly walked out of school.
“Zoya quit acting like a kid, okay!” Zayan is livid. 
I don’t know what happened.
I sort of blanked out when I saw Aakriti. And then, suddenly, everything just came back in a torrent. The dance troupe, the fight, my guilt and … and Aakriti’s indifference.
I was once again a hot blooded adolescent and just stormed back to the hotel.
“Zoya, come on! Be reasonable… this was over twenty years ago!”, Milee pleads.
“See, people change, times change! We just have to move on okay! And yeah like you say, this was just ages ago. So don’t go back to digging up the past. We’re all leading great lives and let’s just get back to it!”, I say.
“Oh!... and I’m leaving for home tomorrow morning. You two can stay, no problem.”, I add, leaving the room. 
23rd December
I’m in Bangalore on official business. Milee and Zayan are back in Paris. Zayan was fuming at the way I carried myself that night, but it’s close to two months now, and things are back to normal between us.
My husband tells me Zayan and Milee are back together with Vrishalli and Aakriti.
Good for them. As for me, 26th October,2034 has faded into oblivion.
After I wrap up a case discussion this afternoon, I’m heading back home. 
4.30 pm
I still have a good few hours to kill, before I’m due at the airport.
I scroll down the contacts list on my mobile. I dial Vrishalli’s number…
“Hey Bhat!... I’m in town! You think we could meet?” 

The End

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