The Chimerakiller


I woke up  with my papers violently spinning in my room. I look down to see myself hovering....wait I'm hovering! As soon as I noticed I was doing something odd I plummeted onto my thin thin mattress which made a huge banging noise at about six in the morning. My papers stopped spinning around the room once I had made contact with my bed.

" Ian what the hell are you doing!" My mom screeched from the living room.

"Waking up!" I reply.

I'm no average teenager ever since three years ago when I found out I could control wind, around the same time I became friends with someone who called himself a Wicca. Now I wouldn't say he is one of the biggest Wicca guys but his parents are heavily christian and despise him when he brings that up. Anyways he told me about demons, and magic, at first it didn't make sense in face me being heavily atheist that he was nuts. But thing was I could control the wind now if that isn't magic what is. I tried not to think about it much it especially after Charlie went missing a year ago when we both encountered a demon. I wished everyday that I new how to control my powers over wind, I wished I could tell some adult that wouldn't think I would be insane. Alas I couldn't so I did my best not to think of it. Which generally worked but not all the time. Especially if I used my powers subconsciously.

After getting dressed I emerged into the messy room my parents dared to call a living room,"Ian did you have your window open again?"

"Yeah sorry mum , it was warm last night."I lied.

"Its the middle of winter Ian, and your racking up quite the bill for heating this place. Maybe you would like to pay it since you so generously offer the world our heat." She started obviously stressed about the bills.

"Sorry." I manage to mutter before disappearing into the kitchen.

As I made my lunch my cell began ringing, and vibrating like crazy, probably James.

"You should tell your friends to phone our home phone instead of making me pay more aon your cell bill." My mom complained

"Shut up." I mumbled trying to figure which stupid pocket held my cell. I hated how parents seemed to start an argument I wouldn't have my friends phone my cell if my little brother and them didn't listen on my conversations.

"Sup bro." He said, is that even a way to say hello in the morning? I don't I was to tired to give a crap.

"Hey man, whats up with phoning at this ridiculous time in the morning?"

"George got back to me man he said he had vision." Now if you're in the business of magic and demons never underestimate coincidence, that could make you miss something or worse.

"Huh that's strange we haven't had anything in months and well this morning things were acting up man. Perhaps we have one of them around again." I muttered trying to keep things normal sounding.

"strange he had a vision about charlie, and dude my dad came from the school this morning someone broke into it." My friends dad is the vice principle at a school which is pretty damn cool cause he is pretty cool, I mean I wouldn't say he lets us get away with some stuff but truth is we do," And they phone the police. Which found some blood crap that leads straight into the cement wall in the cafeteri.." He rambled on.

"Was someone killed?" I asked.

"No, that's the funny part no one has been reported missing well yet, but anyways we don't have school today so I was thinking we should all get together, and maybe perhaps start a little investigation on our own, and perhaps George can tell us more about his vision about Charlie."He finished my jaw dropped today there was just a little to much coincidence, and I did not like it one bit. 

"I'll meet you at the store James, lets get everyone together." I said feeling a certain amount of fear running through me.

"Yeah, and Ian watch your back, we definitely have a demon roaming around man."

"Yeah. c ya in a bit." I hung up.

God I hoped someone didn't die or go missing, and yet at the same time I wanted it to be like that at least it would be something normal, not this crap which I was not capable of handling.

The End

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