Chapter 1

Dusk drew over the ash-red sky. The stars began to watch, like silent eyes over the blackened city. The moon watched, like a sightless eye, as the chains began to rattle for those who stayed the sleepless, and their eyes fluttered open.

She shook off the chains that barred her red arms. The sound echoed through the plastic and concrete room. The smell of chemicals strangled the dusty air. Her green-cat eyes flashed to the corner of the room, met by a pair of piercing blue. The boy in the corner gave a quick nod. As silent as death, she slowly slipped her hands from the iron chains. Four pairs of eyes followed her. A smile encroached upon her lips. Looking back into the corner, she smiled. From the darkness, the boy hailed for the three others. Each of them stared in disbelief at the chains laying lifelessly on the plasticized floor.  

"Freedom." They whispered, as they each reached their free crawly hands upon the metal window frame.


The End

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