The Children of Nexus

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The story line.

It's the year 2099. The world was torn apart by nuclear war that sprung out in 2056. Trees and animals were irradiated. Radiation mutated and killed thousands of humans. Only one man, a scientist named Knox, along with his team, were able to set up a safe haven for the remaining human race behind the walls of a glass city, he called Nexus.

As the ruler of Nexus, he grew into a fat, cruel and corrupt man, who's only ideal in life was to keep control of the world, to become like a God. So as to resist opposition, from a growing force called "The Rebels", Knox's scientific team, carried four, healthy, strong babies from their parents and turned them into mutations, or experiments. This enabled them to decode certain messages encoded by the universe, and accurately predict events. But, treated as machines, soon they grow rebellious, and escape.

The rebels and the four experiments, are the last standing hope for the surviving humans, for the last of the Children of Nexus.

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The End

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