The Child of DeathMature

Adrian Matthews grew up his whole life hearing about his parents greatness, but never got to meet them. Now at age 15 he's finally ready to join the trans-solar system military. But the legal age of a soilder is 19. Elsewhere, Colonel Leon Hitswell is part of a Secret military force made to conduct experiments that are hidden in shadow. But is one of the Officials turns out to be a traitor....


"Its 8:10 AM!" Blared the speaker near my ear "All Children  and Teenagers should be  on their way to the School Pickup Shuttle" 

I groaned as i walked out the door on my way to the shuttle station, like i do every morning. It was so boring, routine, i never got to do anything new. It's like, every day i wake up and pretend to be a mindless zombie like the rest of these kids. What. A. Drag.

As  i strapped in and prepared to be launched up into space i saw the posters on the wall.  One was the famous uncle sam pointing his finger at me saying "We Want You for Earths Military" And laughed. If they REALLY wanted me they would lower the damn age limit. 

The other one was of the president, Ryan Sawyer, sitting down in a office chair looking up to the stars, with the words "Ryan Sawyer, making sure Earth's people are safe" Hah. What a joke. Ever since he took over theres been military squads patorling the neighborhood. Shooting everyone who steps a toe out of line. The only reason i want to join the military is so i can finally see my parents, the great war heroes.  People whose exploits i've heard from since i can remember, saving countless in a flood, evacuating the moon base when an asteroid hit it, singlehandedly destroying the enemy's base on Neptune. But i've never met them...

You know, it didnt always be this way, people USED to have a bit more freedom. Military wasn't the main force on the planet. There was peace..up till about 2021. That day The United States took over the rest of Europe after conquering North America and Africa. Ryan Sawyer took over the planet, he started enforcing new and harsh laws. And soon the entire planet was engulfed in his rule. 

Then 5 years later we finally perfected a intergalactic spaceship, and ever since then the President has been trying to grow our military forces in an attempt to take over distance star systems. But of coarse you STILL had to be an adult to join as kids like us needed "education" or whatever you call that slob after its been put  through filters of censoring. But i knew this wasn't all for good. I knew i was destained for better. And that better was coming closer then it seemed. 


The End

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