The Child

    For some time now I have been running. My heart is beating like a caged prisoner within my rib cage and my legs are begging for me to stop, but I can't. If I do, everything I have done up to this point will have been in vain.

    So I ignore him.

    I ignore my aching limbs, my shattering joints. My breath comes out ragged and I turn a sharp corner. I know that he is behind me, I can sense him.

    The sun beats down on me and my short black hair becomes slick with sweat. I see it so closely now! The entrance to my life, my home! Instantly, images are shot at lightning speed into my mind. Papa, mama, even my kid brother Luke. Who would have thought these moments would make me realize everything.

    My running seizes as my lungs begin to ache. My back arches until I am hunched over, as I start to cough. My mind sees blood flowing onto my hands, but my eyes see air.

    My mind becomes blank as I look back and see no one at all, but I know that he will catch up soon. Swallowing my fear and forcing my body to stay strong a little longer I run further.

    The hole is in the wall. It is an opaque blue and it brightly shines in comparisson to the darkness of the alley. Its beauty is dazzling, like a diamond caught in the breeze. This place is abandoned and this way I know my hole is safe.

    A sharp tug on my arm stops me. I turn and stare at his cold dark eyes as he stares me down.

    "Child," he growls. "But surely, you are not leaving us?"

I pull at his hand to loosen his grip, but it is useless, he simply grabs my free hand.

    "Are you mute? Or perhaps, you are deaf?"

I shake my head and struggle some more, not a word slips from my mouth.

    "Come, we have much to do still."

I feel my body being dragged almost lifelessly as I watch the size of the hole become smaller. A sharpness attacks my throat; the urge to speak. I had hoped it would not have come to this.

I mumble a meaningless word and he stops walking. His long brown hair sways in the wind and he looks down at me. His face is darkened with curiosity as he lifts me off of the ground.

    "Did you murmur just now, child?"

I pray for forgiveness because I know this is not allowed in this world, but I have no other choice.

    "Let me go." I spoke, my voice high-pitched.

Instantly, my arms become free and I look up at the frightening man and I know I have scared him, for he now looks at me with such confusion that I know my actions have not helped me. I have no other choice.

I'm sorry.

    "Leave me alone and don't search for me!"

With the last words out of my mouth the large man falls, lifeless, to the hard ground.

I know the others will find him and leave me to my freedom. I walk towards the hole; towards my home.

The End

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