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Hubert awoke to the piercing cries of Rusty's "Cock-a-doodle-doo-ling!"  This colorful expression is a rather inside joke among chickens, as well as a job for the most skittish of roosters. As the fowl phrase "Cock-a-doodle-doo" translates to "The sky is on fire. We're all going to die!"

That whole morning wherever Hubert ventured, eyes followed him along with hushed mumblings.  The piglets took special care to avoid running into Hubert as it was they who spread the news told to them in confidence.

But noon came soon enough. As Hubert was returning from Bruno's pen, he could see the other animals gathered by the silo, intently watching the skies.  At that moment, a dark shadowy form made it's way gliding over the corn fields and alighted on the top of a clothesline pole next to the corn silo.  Hubert felt his stomach drop, but still he carried on.

"Whoo-bert" welcomed Oswald as Hubert approached.

"Hi Oswald. Morning everyone." Hubert said unenthusiastically.

Hubert looked around at the small crowd. There were the piglets and Lucky, and all his fellow fowls. And to the side were the sheep, Shirley, Gerty and Konkers, and even the piglets massive mom, Limbaugh, was quivering there. Seems that everyone had come to hear Oswald's advice.

"Tell him Oswald." pleaded Lucky, "Tell Hubert he shouldn't leave the farm."

"Not so fast, Lucky. We haven't heard from Who-bert yet." Slowly replied the owl.

And all eyes slowly turned to him.

"Who-bert," began Oswald, "I understand that you have a quest inside you, determined to be freed. This, I cannot deny. Many times we focus on the arrival and neglect the journey, and that has been the downfall of many quests. Do you know your journey, Who-bert?"

Hubert thought hard as he wanted to say the right thing. "Well ... I have considered very well what I already know ... but," Hubert's voice trailed off, "... there is much I do not know."  All of a sudden, Hubert had a brainstorm and perked right up. "But you Oswald, you could help me. You could fly to the end of the cornfield and see if the city begins there, and you could find out how people travel from there to --"

Oswald cut off Huberts entusiastic rant. "Listen carefully Who-bert.  What I can find out is no use to you. You must find this out from the human."

All eyes were on Oswald now.  He fluttered down from his perch on the clothesline pole and landed in front of Hubert. And he leaned in close.

Hubert looked at his feet. "Um, Oswald, could you not look directly at me. It's just that those giant yellow eyes always sort of creep me out"

"They do?" asked Oswald.

"Yes" came the reply from every animal around the silo.

"Very well then," started Oswald again, "Who-bert, you have no choice but to speak to Farmer Biggs."

Creepy or not, all eyes were now on Oswald again, as he continued, "Your farmer can tell you of these things you need to know."

"No one talks to Farmer Biggs," said Limbaugh the pig, "If we were to bother him, we won't get picked for the happy truck."

Oswald blinked twice before turning his attention back to Hubert. "What does that matter to Who-bert?  Who-bert has big plans."

Hubert could see all the animals were pondering this truth, as was he. And he sighed a big sigh of relief.  For once again, Oswald has been wise.

The End

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