A Plan is 'Hatched'Mature

Hubert reared back, flapping his wings in surprise when the piglet twins popped up from the brush by the giant oak.  He was returning to the roost and thinking about the words Bruno had left him with.

"Don't do that." bawked Hubert, "I nearly dropped an egg right here!"

"Sorry Hubert." whispered Perry, never taking his eyes off of Bruno in the near distance. "We didn't want Bruno to see us." added Pauly.

"Meh, he's not so bad.  Just complains a lot." Hubert said while also checking their distance. "He said Farmer Biggs did something to him and that's why he's like that."

The piglet's just giggled.

"What?" asked Hubert."What? Tell me."

"Bruno was referring to being castrated." said Pauly as they continued their piggy giggles.  Hubert couldn't help joining in the laughs.

After composing themselves Hubert cocked his head and asked, "What is cas-tra-tion anyway?"

This caused the piglet's to burst into another fit of giggles.  When Perry caught his breath, he said to Hubert, "No idea."  And they both shook their head in befuddlement.

Never-the-less, this caused yet another round of giggles among them as they all started back across the path toward their side of the farm.

Hubert said, mostly to himself, "I sure am going to miss Bruno."

"What? Why? Are you going somewhere Hubert?" Perry asked.

This caught Hubert by surprise as he did not mean to breach this subject.

"Umm ... well, yes. Yes I am. I am leaving soon and I am going to do great things, wonderful thing." confided Hubert.

The piglet's stopped dead in their tracks and stared wide-eyes at Hubert. "Your - leaving -the - farm?" they asked at the very same time.

"Shhh." cackled Hubert. "This can't get around. It's a big secret.  Yes, I am leaving the farm. I am going to the city first, then I'm off to the most exotic lands and then I am ..." Hubert stopped mid-sentence and looked at the piglet's square in the eyes, and added, " ...well, you'll hear about me then, I'm sure."

Perry and Pauly stared in disbelief.  No one has EVER left the farm before. Unless, of course,  they went with Farmer Biggs in the happy truck.

It was well known that two times a year, Farmer Biggs picked the biggest and most favorite animals for a ride in the happy truck.  They were taken somewhere so wonderful that they always decided to stay and not return to the farm.  So everyone was especially good, as they all wanted to go with Farmer Biggs to this wonderful place and see it for themselves.

The piglet's realized that while they were staring in their tracks at Hubert, that he had been merrily bouncing onward toward his roost.  They looked at each other then scurried on after him, leaving a small trail of dust behind.


The End

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