The Chicken and the RoadMature

This is the story of a Chicken on a mission.

Hubert was a chicken like all chickens.  His days were spent pecking at the ground in search of anything he could swallow. It was a mundane existence to be sure, but Hubert had plans and big plans they were.

Farmer Biggs owned a nice spread in a rural pasture way out of town.  He raised all sorts of livestock and also managed a healthy field of corn. All the animals thought well of Farmer Biggs, as did Hubert. The only exception to this came from a bull they called Bruno.  Bruno was not known for being particularly nice to anyone, and most usually stayed their distance. Bruno had a major distrust for Farmer Biggs and never missed an opportunity to remind everyone.

Hubert was about the only animal that regularly visited Bruno. This was because Bruno was a light eater and there was always scraps around Bruno's pen. And they would talk when Hubert was around.

"You better slow down your appetite, son," growled Bruno, "Biggs would be more than happy to see you plump up."

"Why would you say that?" asked Hubert.

"Because Biggs sees you in the same way that you see my leftovers, just another meal."

But Hubert wasn't having any of it. "Why are you so critical about Farmer Biggs? What has he ever done to you?" asked Hubert.

Bruno huffed a little and shook his head at Hubert. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

But Hubert did want to know. He was a most curious chicken, with a hunger for knowledge not to be believed.  He would need all the knowledge he could collect, for Hubert had big, big plans.


The End

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