The Chicken and the Egg: Epilogue

Three females and two males take daddy’s car for a joyride under the influence of alcohol, crashing into a tree late last night. Scent of marijuana lingering on seats, among other questionable aromas. See F7 for full story.


Taylor was abandoned by her so-called friends after being caught and brought to jail for selling illegal drugs to minors, ending her social life when everyone and their mothers heard, scans of the mug shots at every turn, including school hallways. She then began being homeschooled by her mother so she could be under supervision and still be learning at the same time. Mickey and two other girls of the troupe took her father’s car to her boyfriend’s house, where he was with his other friend. The boys had made fake identification cards and purchased alcohol, forming a deadly mistake for all of them.

Our dear friend Georgia had to make new friends, as all of the others were now out of contact. She apologized to the little old lady whose house she had egged, paying the cost for the broken window and doing chores around her house to make up for it. Her new friends love her and respect her for who she is, and not out of fear of who she used to be. Life has changed, and so has she.

The End

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