The Chicken and the Egg, Chapter 2

The rest of the evening was fun. From pillow fights to makeovers, the girls had a blast. It was the first time Georgia felt accepted in a group of friends, and it was the popular crew, of all groups! Although she admitted that they had been mean to people in the past, it was always funny. That night, after one of the girls fell asleep, Taylor suggested to write, “I love Josh,” on her forehead and post the picture all over the Internet. Everyone voted that Georgia should be the one to do it, unless she was chicken…

Georgia uncapped the thick, black permanent marker above the sleeping girl’s forehead. She took a deep breath and wrote the words in, snickering and giggling with all of the other girls. After that, one by one, the other girls fell asleep, too. Before long, it was just Georgia, Taylor and Mickey. They exchanged nervous glances, wondering who would be the first to fall asleep between them. Yawns came and passed as eyelids grew heavy, and Taylor collapsed in her sleeping bag, breathing heavily within a few minutes.

“Like, finally,” Mickey said with a sigh. “I thought she would never go to sleep.”
Georgia narrowed her eyes at the girl, the one who followed Taylor around every second, and her “very best friend.”

“I mean, she’s, like, so annoying.” Mickey rolled her eyes, and then had a mischievous glance cross them as she grinned. “Want to put some whipped cream on her hand and tickle her nose with a string? I’ve got the stuff right here!”

Georgia was surprised at Mickey, the one who always acted like Taylor’s most loyal follower. “Actually, I think I’m going to turn in now, too. You do it, then,” Georgia said as she yawned, snuggling into her sleeping bag and closing her eyes as she heard Mickey do the same.

The End

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