The Chest

I decided that I would take the chest.  I'd always filled it with junk, but perhaps it would find itself more useful in a college dorm.  Rummaging through, I knew I would find some old belongings and keepsakes.  Letters, cards, CDs, little trinkets, ear buds, a few discarded instrument strings; it was a small treasure trove of items from my past.  

There were letters from my family, friends, peers, mentors... and there were some from you.  I did not read them.  Well, I only read one that caught my eye.  I had seen the same exact card in CVS just the other day while shopping for some thank you notes.  I read over the words uneasily, as if I were afraid they might jump out at me.  

Once finished, I found myself laughing.  It was not joyous laughter, or laughter from a fond memory.  It was pitiful laughter, the kind you experience while watching an ignorant child fail at the same menial task over and over again.  I was laughing at the ignorance, the sheer emptiness of the words I had just read.  It was so petty, but at one time it had meant the world.  Had I known then what I know now... well, I am a very different person these days, it matters not what I would've thought.  

I also found a key.  A blue key attached to a hand-woven lanyard.  It was woven with green, red and yellow yarn and its simplicity emanated a meaningful aura.  As I held it, I felt myself become vulnerable.  I thought this key had been lost many moons ago; I'd even checked this very same chest for it numerous times.

This is the key to my heart.

I almost laughed again at the frivolity.  Almost.  It seemed to be burning a hole in my hand as it sat peacefully in my palm.  I closed my hand into a fist and shook my head, willing away old thoughts and desires.  

There is no such thing.  There never was such a thing.  It was a farce.

I breathed and picked up the letters with my free hand.  I turned to the trash can beside my desk and placed the items in it gently.  I regarded the letters and the key for a moment, then turned back to finish emptying the chest.

Above every emotion I felt at that moment, there was an unusually strong urge to shake my head.  I did so for many minutes.

The End

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